When a team wins the League of Legends Equally interesting for players is the award that Riot Games has become tradition since the arrival of the second season and that consists of the creation of personalized skins for each of the players that form in the team that has conquered the Worlds. A situation that has allowed Faker to get three of the video game characters to show the colors of their team and include winks towards their figure.

Riot Games told not Faker in 2013

Now we are very accustomed to the fact that, after the celebration of the final, the players of the champion team indicate which character they will select to receive their skin. However, this tradition is relatively new. Formerly, it was Riot Games who decided what the heroes would be for which cosmetics would be created. Something that has resulted in a pending debt that the company has been dragging since 2013, when Faker requested a personalized look for HRI and finally received Zed . A small injustice that did not leave the world champion for the first time at all.

Of course, Faker has won two additional world championships since then. However, it has always stumbled upon the only rule still in force that prevents players from freely choosing which hero will receive his World Champion Skin. This rule says that it must be a character who has played on at least one occasion throughout the tournament . In the case of the Korean Mid Liner, the situation resulted in that he could not choose HRI after having done with the planetary throne of League of Legends in the years 2015 or 2016, since he did not select it in any of the two editions.


In these Worlds 2022, Faker has not selected what is one of its flagship champions either. Although the character has offered great performance during the season, and it was key for MID LATER to win the LCK title in spring, the benefits of the champion fell into chopped with the successive Nerfs imposed by Riot Games. This situation, added to the fact that T1 had no inconsequential match in the group stage, has prevented its selection. Thus, this could be the fourth time that Mid Later resists said Skin .

Even winning the 2022 Worlds, Faker will remain without the Skin of HRI that comes time chasing. A pending debt that Riot Games, for now, will not pay . I would have to continue playing the Korean and winning some other world championship in which I do choose the champion if he wants to see this little dream fulfilled or, perhaps, wait for the company to want to honor the undisputed best player in the history of League of Legends When he finally decides that the time has come to leave the highest level competition.

Be that as it may, you have to remember that Faker still is pending to win the final against Dr next Sunday, November 6 at 1:00 Spanish peninsular time if he wants to receive a fourth Skin. T1 has accumulated a perfect record throughout the year to which their rivals will be in the final of the League of Legends World Cup, winning the eight maps they have played. However, little looks like his rival in the match for the title of the 2022 Worlds that competed in South Korea. Even without changing players, his rise throughout the tournament has been meteoric.