As we recognize, Dual Universe is a resolutely sandbox MMORPG, whose gameplay and tourist attraction are basically based on the communications that players create between them. The enhancement of web content is as a result certainly not the main concern of the advancement team, but the commitment of players is unquestionably decisive. Presently, Steam db reports a couple of hundred gamers attached daily. The figure is undoubtedly deceptive inasmuch as most of the gamers undoubtedly link via the main site, however we keep in mind that the Nova quark teams stated the combination of complex auto mechanics based upon PVP, supplied by political problems and Commercial in the video game globe, to feed the interactions between players, in addition to EVE material aimed at bringing the world of Dual Cosmos to life. Clearly, players will have to be a little individual before finding them concretely at risk.

We recognize the adage: the launch of an MMORPG is not completion of its growth, it is the start of its exploitation. To put it simply, the hardest component starts with the launch of an enormously multiplayer video game because a world will have to be lived as well as maintain gamers. With this saying, it is customary to release a first upgrade at the end of the first month of exploitation (a fortiori for MMOs with a monthly registration), in order to restore the video game experience and feed gamers with material Unpublished.

Dual World was officially launched at completion of September as well as throughout the previous month, the workshop Nova quark affixed itself to release a series of rehabilitative patches intended at correcting the dysfunctions determined since the release. What regarding updates to find? The programmer publishes a quick note on the main site evoking updates 1.1, after that 1.2.


Update 1.1 is revealed for next December and also will be a possibility to deploy emotes and skins, along with a few high quality of life attributes: a system allowing the building aspects extra quickly in deep space of play, a system of dismantling and reusing of specific parts (a capability anticipated by the players), and also 8 brand-new abilities linked to the production of representations and the monitoring of Vapor successes.
Update 1.2 guarantees to be a little extra supplied, consisting of in certain a system of tactical cards targeted at presenting as well as discovering bordering constructions via the radar system (which will be the topic of a small overhaul). The programmer adds brand-new devices to find wrecks as well as an enhancement in the asteroid tracker in deep room and the opportunity for repair work units to use scrap steel. Now, no release date is introduced for this variation 1.2.