Riot Games announced the acquisition of War gaming Sydney Studio on the 17th.

War gaming Sydney Studio changes its name to Riot Sydney. Molly Mason-will contribute to strengthening Riot Games’ global development capabilities under Molly Mason-Boule. Riot Games plans to promote the growth of the Australian game industry and continue to secure professional manpower.

Riot Sydney’s predecessor participated in the development of famous PCs and console games such as World of Tanks and World of Warships. The next-generation game development tool and server were produced and various R & D projects were carried out. Big world Technology, which is its own engine, has been used in numerous MMO games (large multi-user online) games and has achieved a single server-simultaneous users of the world record (190,541).

I’m happy to be with the competent development personnel, said Riot Games, co-founder and game category. I expect it to be delivered effectively.


We have been impressed with the cultural consensus of both companies by collaborating with Riot Games, said Naresh Iran development manager of Riot Sydney. I will give it.