If you do not know where to discover your collection, we send you environment-friendly our write-up on the video game user interface. On this screen, you will certainly locate several things that we will certainly detail listed below.

The cards

your collection

Marvel Snap is a video clip game computer game as well as play as well as for that reason it includes… cards! In this article, we take supply of the collection system as well as the indications that are displayed on the cards.

If you click a card, you will certainly see numerous info that we information just in Does. At the top of this interface, you have the choice of your decks or to create new ones.


To recognize the regulations of the game, we welcome you to visit this short article.

Note: This post was performed during the Marvel Snap beta only available on mobile, then still in English.

All the cards you have are shown right here in this user interface. You can see your collection, the rarity degree of your cards, which cards can raise in rarity etc.

When you click a card in your collection, you can enlarge it and locate much information:

  • the expense in energy (in blue).
  • Power (in orange).
  • card artwork
  • The boundary.
  • The name of the card.
  • the capacity if it has one, if not a brief summary of the hero/villain.

Sunspot is a card that sets you back 1 power, has 1 power and also has as an effect at the end of each tower, for hue united energy, power +1. The frame additionally reveals that it has reached the infinity level, the highest possible degree of rarity of the game.

Exactly how to collection of cards in Marvel Snap?

Each game card contends the very least 1 version. Some may have 4 or more.
These variations are either purchasable in the shop against gold, or obtained using the combat pass, or greater in the collection, after level 1000 randomly inside particular boxes.

By playing, at the end of each game, you will be able to enhance your cards and therefore set up your collection degree. If you do not recognize just how to advance cards, we refer you to our dedicated post.

When the tutorial has passed, the game will certainly offer a fundamental deck containing 12 cards (plus a sentinel card). With this standard deck you can currently play a great deal of games. The cards are actually not great played with each other, yet Iron-Man which doubles your factors of power on a location can grip components.

The collection degree range progresses in a number of payment which we are discussing in our write-up dedicated to cards swimming pools. When you unlock a card throughout a level increase, the card obtained is not totally random (hey indeed).

The collection degree.

Variations: card skins.

The level climb enables you to unlock different web content such as credit scores, boosters or boxes that can contain cards or arbitrary currency.

A lot for our total guide worrying the regulations of Wonder Snap. We have actually attempted to approach the aspects of the basic auto mechanics of the game wishing that it can be valuable to you. You can locate all our guides to begin well in Wonder Break as well as all the information of the video game on Apatosaurus.

Each card has a rarity. Rarity is defined by several criteria such as the synopsis or art work that alters while developing.

All the cards you have actually been displayed below in this interface. You can see your collection, the rarity level of your cards, which cards can raise in rarity etc. At the bottom left you can identify your cards, reduced right to look for them.

Rest assured, in the very first degrees, the game will quickly give you an excellent panoply of cards to differ your decks. On the other hand, the even more degree you rise, the lot more you will capitalize on your chance to obtain cards.

As soon as the tutorial has actually passed, the video game will certainly give a standard deck consisting of 12 cards (plus a sentinel card). The cards are actually not perfect played together, yet Iron-Man which doubles your points of power on a location can grasp parts.

As an example you can not have an original Iron-Man as well as an Iron-Man variant in the very same deck, although in your collection both cards are divided.

As we discuss in our article on the level of the cards degree, the cards are different from the original cards, you can boost them independently, however they count for the very same card in a deck.

Wonder Snap’s financial version is based, for the minute, on cosmetics and a combat pass. Cosmetics consisted of now backs of cards, avatars but also card skins called variants.