It was recently reported that different regulators are going through the review of the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Nintendo, and some such as United Kingdom have decided not to support the decision. However, there are others such as Brazil that apparently have no problem, even interesting documents would have revealed.

Within these papers it is stipulated that Nintendo would have entered almost one billion dollars on its online platform, which began at 2018 with the implementation of NEW games and also the games Online different titles. Figures that have increased thanks to the expansion of Nintendo 64 and some free DLC’s for members.

According to the data, Nintendo Switch Online won 932 million dollars in 2021 and represented between 10 and 20 % of the total market subscription market in consoles. That is compared to Xbox Game Pass , which obtained between 30 and 40 % with revenues of 2.9 billion dollars, and PlayStation , which represented between 40 and 50 % of that market.

This information is not yet endorsed by the companies themselves, so the veracity of said document is still in doubt, this is something that was already reviewed in an earlier news with the income of Microsoft regarding Game Pass .

Via: Tweak town

Editor’s note : It is something suspicious that this type of information arises around the purchase of Microsoft, even so, to trust at all in these unrelated papers is not a good suggestion.