The She-Hulk series that premiered a few weeks ago in Disney Plus left the way much to talk about, and that is because many of its chapters can be considered as filling. However, being two episodes to finish season 1, finally things have become interesting for Marvel fans.

In chapter eight of this series, the appearance of Daredevil , character that although he lives in New York , needs to travel to the lands of She-Hulk to contact the best Connectionist of heroes costumes. For that reason, we have seen it interact with the characters, even having a hand-to-hand conflict with the greenish skin girl.

Here is a brief clip:

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time we see the new Daredevil of Charlie Cox , since it is established that it is an incarnation different from that already seen in the series of B. Originally we only saw it in his lawyer’s facet Matt Murdock, when he defended B in No Way Home , because his identity was committed to mystery .

There is still another chapter to close the She-Hulk series, and apparently it will be the foot for what we are going to see in some other stories that Marvel has prepared for us.

Remember that you can only see in Disney Plus .

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