With FIFA 23 now available, the world of video games is once again the home of the Beautiful Game. EA Sports has created another excellent entry for the franchise, has also made sure to modify certain things that bothered the players of the past. For those who only ask how to write free throws in FIFA 23 This is what you need to know about the new system.

How to launch and mark free shots in FIFA 23

As in penalties, the routine of ball plays stopped when it comes to free throws has been reviewed in FIFA 23, among many new features. Without a doubt, it is now a much more complicated process, since players can adjust where they hit the ball for different shots and choose the right direction and power to have success.

Adjusting the position in which the ball is hit with the right joystick can lead to normal internal flexion of the foot, external shots or even an attempt of knuckle ball. As for getting some height to overcome the wall, it has more to do with the power indicator than with anything else.

Here is a practical guide on where to point the grid for the desired shots:

Type of shooting Left-handed player Right-handed player
Enforced inner foot Lower left Lower right
Hosted exterior foot Lower right Lower left
Caudillos ball Under the center Under the center
rectum low Above the center Above center
Under inner foot Up to the left Upper right
Low outer foot Upper right Up to the left
French fries Extreme background Extreme background

The best tips to score free throws in FIFA 23

To score free throws consisting of FIFA 23, there are some basic aspects that you must remember. Whether you are using a right-handed player or left-handed, the curved shot is a safe and consistent option.

Always point out of the unprotected post (or inside to get that outer curl) for approximately three or four balls to allow the curl, do not adjust the height of the shot with the right joystick and do not be afraid to fill up the shooting bar 3/ 4 or a little more. In general, this will make the ball roller in the corner farthest from the goalkeeper; Just make sure you are not too close to the goal, since it usually works better between 5 and 10 yards outside the penalty area.

For free throws that are closer, more nuances will be required when adjusting the position in which the ball is helpful a little below to get the height and depth, with a power bar full up to approximately half or three quarters Parties.

Of course, nothing exceeds practice, so be sure to go to the sand to do hard work and be prepared for all kinds of situations and opportunities.

That is all you need to know about How to write free throws in FIFA 23 . To get more help on the game, be sure to read guides such as the best players in the league, the best configuration of the controller and the camera, or how to complete the Franck Jessie BTW SBC for your FUT. Otherwise, feel free to carefully read some related contents below.

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