Cinema a show, a social event, an object of debate. Avatar tried to revolutionize the film industry using 3D technology, a commitment that will be reinforced in the sequel. Meditation he to the presentation of several Avatar sequences: the sense of water , some images that we cannot comment because they are still seized. Beyond these scenes, producer Jon Landau h participated in a colloquium in which he h underlined the importance of sessing films experiences.

People say they have seen a movie, he says. I want you to say they have experienced a movie. According to Landau, the adventure begins at the time the viewer buys the tickets. His desire is to move people to go to the cinema, justify to pay the parking lot or hire someone to take care of their children. Somehow, he continues, You acquire certain commitments when visiting a room , such turning off the mobile phone so not to distract you. We want to use this film a catalyst to remind people all that can be cinema. Even subtitles have been placed in different positions to encourage immersion.

The one to wait to immerse yourself in the Pandora universe through Disney+ will have to arm yourself with patience. This movie is going to be for the big screen , it is a commitment that we adopt with our friends and our Disney partners, who support it and understand it. They do not talk about deadlines, but it does not seem that the debut will be produced quickly on the platform.

Why in 2022?


Avatar premiered in 2009 and with plans to turn it into a saga. However, it h had to spend more than a decade for the sense of water to materialize, why? We have taken our time to do it correctly. When we started doing the sequela, we decided that we were going to do more than one, he recalls. The foundation of any film is the script , so they have polished it until both Jon Landau and director James Cameron have been satisfied with the result.

Once that problem w solved, they thought of the following: We needed to find the technology we were going to use. We always watch the movies we make and promote technology . The challenge w to roll underwater scenes in a way in which the ct could interpret, and that all these movements are faithfully reproduced on the screen. It w filmed inside water tanks with the actors, so that the swim is natural because the movements have been carried out in front of the camera.

Everything remains a family

Plot, the main theme is the family, the fact of belonging to a group: It is not only the family you have for birth, but the one you choose , he clarifies. The elections you make, the construction of the family and how important it is in our world today. Have a family to trust, one capable of clothing when necessary.

There is an environmental message implicit in this film: Science fiction serves a metaphor to symbolize the world in which we live. Our ocean represents 80%; Our bodies are 80% liquid. This is a movie about water. It can be a metaphor of the creatures that live in our oceans and that are being hunted. What a movie h to do is be provocative without preaching.

Avatar: The sense of water will be releed in cinem on December 16. **