The world of politics can be somewhat interesting, since sometimes the figures of this sector usually carry out interesting activations that leave the conventional part. And now, a personality of Taiwan’s policy, shares his most beloved hobby of all, cosplay with people close to her.

The girl known as Huang Die played the role of Anya of Spy X Family through this new cosplay, a character she commented a lot. On her part, she is company Lie Piney and TS Eng Wen-Hsueh , each with the For and Loyd Forger suit **, and the most Curious, it is also a relationship in the real life of that country.

Here are the photos:

This is the synopsis of spy x family for those not aware:

Spy X Family is an anime series that follows the story of the agent known as Twilight, which follows any order if it is for the good of peace. He works tirelessly to prevent extremists from starting a war with the neighboring country Estonia.

For his last mission, he must investigate the politician Donovan Demon infiltrating his son’s school. To do this, he decides to form a false family with an orphan six-year-old girl and with a distracted officer named For Brian.