While walking in the indie game corner of the Tokyo Game Show 2022, I found a very interesting copy. RPG to give a busy adult, enjoy it in 10 minutes. That’s right… If you do this job, you will take a lot of reports and interviews during the Tokyo Game Show, and you can’t take time at all… … I can’t play RPG for hundreds of hours like a child…
The moment I came to such thoughts and thought, Well, I guess you can clear it in 10 minutes. When I noticed, I was picking up the Summer Road trial controller.

Adventure of children progressing with auto

I was surprised to pick up the controller. The protagonists are moving on their own! Yes, this work is a new machine RPG where the game progresses with auto. When you start the game, the protagonists will go ahead in a country-like city of modern American, and the story and battle will automatically proceed.

Yes… but Auto is interesting, but this is dissatisfied with the old RPG. If you think you won the boss battle, if you think it’s a movie, you’re losing to the boss on the story. Increase.

As the children defeat the enemy, items will be added to the inventory one after another. Straw hats, skirts, and sometimes cat ear headphones gather, but this is a pattern of weapons and armor equipped by children. Yes, the strategy of this work is that the players will change weapons and armor at high speed so as not to be annihilated in the battle that is proceeding with auto.

In addition, three more weapons and armor can create new items. In particular, as the game progresses to some extent, the enemy becomes stronger, and as the items are replaced, the weakened weapons and armor are left, so there are many opportunities to use synthesis. With the unexpectedness of RPG and simple gameplay, which is proceeding with auto like this, it seems that it will be finished in the future to RPG where adults who have no time can enjoy it in 10 minutes.

By the way, I understand that there are many adults who have no time, but on SNS, good adults are clearly clearing games that take 100 hours or so…? It is likely that you will conclude that you are unemployed!

If you don’t have time, is it irrelevant because you have grown up? Was it just bad to organize your time? It may be an eternal mystery.

Aside from such questions, Summer Road is a simple and interesting work. I think it is certain that the development is being developed as an RPG that can be enjoyed in spare time even if you are not good at organizing your time.

Summer Road is currently scheduled to be released on Steam. When I talked to the developer, the current degree of perfection is about 30 %. It seems that it will take some time to complete, but it was a work that I felt convinced of what kind of game I wanted to finish.