Nixon announced on the 19th that it has signed a domestic and global publishing contract for its new mobile work, “ God some: Clash of Gods ”, which is being developed by Nixon Games.

‘God sum’ is a new SPORTS introduced by Nixon Games, and is accelerating development with the goal of launching global markets such as North America and Europe as well as Asia.

‘God sum’, which is the core of large-scale territorial wars, is a game that combines the features of MMOs, where many players are connected to a vast battlefield, and real-time strategy-based simulation elements. The goal of collecting various resources and developing one’s territory to become a powerful leader can collect more than 40 kinds of gods with various characteristics and abilities. The player fosters them as a hero and leads the war to victory.

Nixon has acquired the copyright rights of God sum’s domestic and global service, and announced plans to provide users from around the world with a variety of fun, SPORTS, which has a solid user.

Park Jong-un, CEO of Nixon Games, said, God sum is a game that combines the MMO development know-how accumulated in Nixon Games to the RTS genre. We will give you more fun with the battle.

Nixon Lee Dungeon said, This publishing agreement is meaningful because the Nixon Games Table SPORTS genre is added to Nixon’s new lineup. We will convey the charm and fun of God sum.