The Disney And also series will certainly focus on the Avengers creator Nick Fierceness (Samuel L. Jackson) , that has not yet had a straight appearance in phase 4. With each other with the Alien Tales (Ben Mendelsohn) recognized from Captain Wonder and also Spider-Man: Far from House, Fierceness is supposed to stop the title-giving invasion, which currently occurs in the first trailer.

While Marvel wishes to end the 4th stage of the MCU this year with the presently running collection She-Hulk and the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which begins on November 9th in the cinema, phase 5 is already in the beginning blocks: Year on February 17th with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania , in springtime Marvel’s Secret Invasion .

Wonder’s Secret Invasion: The first trailer suggests at the target of the intruders

Along with Jackson and also Mendelsohn , the various other stars such as Emilia Clarke and Olivia Colman recognized to date additionally show up there. Just how precisely both suit the total image of the collection is currently still unidentified, even if it is rumored by Clarke’s duty that it should personify a Skull alien called G’IAH.


Precisely what this is, in spite of the vibrantly informed scene, stays in the dark at the end of the trailer for now and will probably just be clear in springtime 2023 when Wonder’s Secret Invasion lands on Disney Plus . Incidentally, the series is officially referred to as crossover event , which is why followers can probably expect at least one surprise guest.

The remainder of the trailer likewise increases even more concerns than he responded to: Nick Fierceness finally appears on the scene again, in the nick of time in order to stop an invasion by aggressive Skulls . In this, the intruders certainly want to tear themselves under their nails, as Fierceness remarks:I am the last individual who really wishes to._.

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The very first trailer for Wonder’s Secret Intrusion was revealed on the D23-Expo , in which the full member listing of the Thunderbolts was also presented. In addition to superhero news, the fair likewise showed brand-new Disney titles like Disney Lorna or the Anime platformer Disney Illusion Island.