On September 1st, the developer PugStorm updated the development roadmap of the cave sandbox survival game Core Keeper being distributed early. Among them, the details of the next large update The Desert of the Beginning will be released. In addition, many content has been announced, such as updates this year.

The Desert of the Beginning, which is the highlight of this roadmap update, was announced as a living group desert. The official name has been revealed this time as the second largest update after the sinking sea distributed in June.

Many content will be added in the Beginning Desert update. First, not only the new creature group on the desert theme, but also the dissolved stone collection as the deputy-based group. In addition to the desert theme enemies, powerful bosses such as the sand beast RA-AKAR and the lava mass IgNeous will be added. Galaxite has been added as a new material, and a new vehicle is also implemented. Furthermore, it will be supported by Steam achievements. In addition to being revealed, content will be implemented. November is scheduled for the implementation time.


As a recent update, a comfortable cave update will be delivered on September 14. It is said that items and mechanics that incorporate community requests will be implemented, mainly decorative items. A Halloween event will be held in October and a Christmas event in December. Although the details have not been revealed, it seems that items suitable for each season will be expected. And the next large update of the Desert of the Beginning is suggested that Crystal has been suggested.

Core Keeper is currently available early access to PC (Steam). The large update Beginning Desert will be distributed in November.