The parlor game Fairy Elements has to do with the royal knight Yamato, who conserved his kingdom with the power of a sword that held a strange force yet put it right into the future for 200 years.

In the future, he will certainly not just meet a weird being, however likewise a mystical girl.

From after that on he is associated with a fantastic journey and also ultimately additionally associated with a greater destiny.
* Download Fairy Elements for Xbox-14.99 euros
Throughout your adventure, you make use of resources to develop and also reinforce weapons and shield that will be helpful in the round-based battles.
Fairy Elements also includes a special setting via which you can deal with almost everywhere as well as at any type of time to get resources to strengthen.
Other aspects in the game are the boiler system, which represents a simple technique of raising the fundamental attack stamina of tools in addition to dungeons loaded with extremely solid adversaries and more.