At 5 pm on the 30th, Distera’s fourth private test began.

On the 30th, Kakao Games announced that it has started a private test of ‘Dysterra’, which is being developed by Reality Magic. The private test, which began at 5 pm, will be held for a week until the 5th, and the private test participation is possible immediately after pressing the access authority request on Steam.

‘Dystera’ is a multiplayer survival FPS game with the theme of conflict over human survival in the destroyed future district. Players must survive by collecting, production, and construction in the dystopian world.

Based on the feedback collected through the previous closed test, the 4th non-disclosure test, the new area, new weapons, new weapons, and various women’s characters can be added ▲ ‘Global ranking’ introduction ▲ Introduction of upper-level transportation ▲ introduction of new systems ▲ introduction Increased convenience for the settlement of beginners ▲ Server stabilization has been updated. In addition, the configuration as a FPS game has been greatly enhanced so that anyone can be immersed quickly.

In particular, ‘Global Ranking’ calculates the ranking with scores and final survival time obtained from the server, and users can receive separate points according to the ranking achieved. Reality Magic plans to build a system to purchase decorative items, including character skins and decorative items. In addition, ▲ ‘Hacking System’ improvement ▲ ‘Disassemble’ to disassemble the item and obtain materials ▲ ‘Turlet’ upgrade function and 6 inventory protection slots ▲ Add 10 items to sleeping bags. Improvement has been made.

Kakao Games and Reality Magic are focusing on the Detera to be loved by users for a long time. In addition, their explanation is to develop the game with continuous updates and platform expansion after launch.

A reality magic official said, We are planning to establish a lot of scenarios and contents in the future, and we want to be a representative work of the survival FPS genre., I have a lot of opinions while playing happily.