Activision has led the way for live service games with its continuous support of Warzone, but that does not mean that there are no errors and failures that still affect the experience. Here is How to repair Error Code 38 of Call of Duty Warzone If you have problems.


How to repair Error Code 38 of Call of Duty (Cod) Warzone

The error code 38 is generally caused by a outdated game client; Therefore, his immediate resource when he tries to solve the problem must be to make sure Warzone has the last patch. If you are a console player, this is a very simple process.

  • Localize Warzone in your game files/applications
  • For PlayStation users: Press the ‘Options’ button, then look for updates ’
  • For Xbox users: Select ‘Manage game’, then ‘downloads’
  • You will be asked if there is an available update, which must be installed

This should solve any problem with error code 38, so restart and try to play the game.

If this does not solve your problem, try a complete restart of your console, which is usually done by holding the ignition button for several seconds and removing the console plug for 30 seconds, then lighting it.

If the Error Code 3 still persists, try to restart your Internet router and try to play once again once the connection has been restored. Finally, his last resort, as is the case, is to reinstall completely Warzone.

That is all we have in How to repair the error code 38 of Call of Duty (Cod) Warzone . To achieve more useful tips on the game, including other problems such as the error of disconnection, seek DLPRIVATOSERVER or consult some of the related contents listed below.

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