Publisher CREST announced on August 19 the Dimension Girl-Dimension Girl-Subspace Kneading . The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam). It will be released in early summer 2023. A follow-up report seems to be released at the Tokyo Game Show 2022.

DIMENSION GIRL-Dimension Girl-Subspace Kneading is a game of the character content Dimension Girl Sar Space Kneading by Creator HyperSpace. The protagonist of the original Dimension Girl Asthpace Kneading is a multi-dimensional space creature girl who can come and go for every dimension. She was traveling beyond dimensions by dwelling in the body and objects of others, and was trying to go sightseeing on the earth. However, her travel agency is inevitable, and she dwells in the conscious Android Socrates. She kneads the dwelling, but she breaks Socrates, but she is repaired by Dr. Ochimi and she can move again. Since then, she has lived in Dr. Ochimi’s lab in Senjuku City.

In this work Dimension Girl-Dimension Girl-Subspace Kneading, the sub-space and the battle android Socrates fight to save Senjuku City, which has been contaminated into a mysterious organization. It is said that the appearance of running around from the building from the building while blowing her enemy. As a genre, it is a Rogue Light horizontal scrolling action game, and 2D actions with random elements are likely to be unfolded.

In addition, the development of this work is performed by CREST’s Game Studio Novus, based in Yokohama, in collaboration with Isarin Japan, the original source of the Dimension Girl Subspace Kneading. According to a press release in April 2022, novus is a novel game brand, which was partially transferred with the development staff of Minato Sofu. At that time, it was announced that it would start developing IP in collaboration with Hawkie representative Takahiro, but it seems that the studio is currently developing the work.

DIMENSION GIRL-Dimension Girl-Subspace Kneading will be released in early summer 2023 for Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam). A follow-up report seems to be released in Tokyo Game Show 2022.