In this Nepheli Quest Guide to Elden Ring you can find out:

  • How to start the quest around Nepheli Loux
  • How to solve the puzzle around the four bell towers
  • Where you find the storm falcon king

* What rewards you get

Nepheli Loux is at your side in Elden Ring in some boss fight. To do this, however, you have to solve your quest, which contains several tasks and riddles . With this guide you solve the quest of the warrior and get some valuable rewards.

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first meeting with Nepheli Loux

The warrior Nepheli Loux meets her for the first time at Sturmschleier Castle . Fight yourself up to the place of grace Chamber on the elevator side in the north of the courtyard. Run the way to the east past the storm falcons.

In the curve in front of the giant you can see a golden seed . Shortly before that, you can enter a storage room on the right through a small archway. Talk to Nepheli there. Then she is at your side in the upcoming boss fight against Godrick (Guide) as a AI helper.

Nepheli Loux in the Tafel of Grace

After the victory over Godrick (Guide), snap at its place of grace and leave the dungeon through the throne room. You can reach the place of grace Seeklippen, from where Melina will first teleport into the board of grace for the first time.

Talk to Sir Gideon Ofnir there. The next time you return to the table, you will meet Nepheli Loux in front of Gideon’s study, which gives you the Arsenal Valleyman with which you can increase the maximum equipment weight.

Nepheli Loux find in the village of the Albinaurics

Next you will meet Nepheli Loux in the village of the Albinaurics . As you can find the hidden place in Liurnia, you can read in our guide to the optional Elden-Ring area Haligbaum. On the hill at the village entrance you will find Nepheli with a few Albinauric corpses. Talk to her until the dialogue is exhausted.

Then run through the village and cross the large stone bridge. At the other end, the mini boss Maltöter awaits you on a big fire. Kill him and collect the Knotentalisman of the Schmelztiegel . He reduces the damage suffered and the force of head shots, which is particularly advantageous in areas with strong archers.

Nepheli Loux: Second meeting at the Tafelrundfeste

Once you have done the maltic, Nepheli returns to the table round festivals. This time you meet them in the basement. Take the staircase at blacksmith Hewg . She is not very talkative and sends you away again. Talk to Sir Gideon Ofnir about Nepheli’s despair and return to her. This time you get a dialogue option.

Next you have to push the quest around Seluvis (Guide) until he gives you a potion that you should hand over Nepheli. If she cries desperately in the basement, she will accept him. However, your quest takes an unsightly end .

If you want to continue the quest instead, hand over the potion Sir Gideon or the dung eater (guide) if the shame is stuck in his cell in his cell. At your next meeting, Seluvis assumes that you have given the potion Nepheli Loux.

Find the four bell towers and magical stone ski key

So that things go on, you have to do some things. First of all, makes you Roderika a ghosting improver . In our guide, we describe how this works about the ghost conjuring in Elden Ring. Then go to the west of Liurnia.

Along the street that leads to Haus Caria, you will find the V ier bell towers . There are three portals placed there that teleport you in different places in the intermediate lands. To activate them, you need a magical sword key.

locations of the magical sword key key

  • Treasure chest in the top of the four bell towers in Liurnia
    On the roofs of the Academy of Raya Lucaria * (access to the place of the grace Forum of the debate)
  • Behind one of the magical seals in Sellia, City of the Wizard in Caelid (see Millicents Quest)

Find the storm falcon king

The portal on the second of the four bell towers takes you to the chapel of expectation, the start area of Elden Ring. If the tutorial boss overrun you at the start of the game as I do, you can now give it back to him. The victory over the transplanted offspring brings you the golden besty sign and the ornamental sword , a golden double blade that should be particularly interesting for skill builds.

Cross the bridge to the chapel and take the door to the right of the main entrance. Run up the stairs and grab the key object The storm falcon king . You can get to the chapel upstairs over the small staircase. Open the treasure chest on the right and you get the ashes of the storm falcon Deenh. Now Nepheli brings the storm falcon king into the table round festivals.

Kenneth Haights fortress

In order to be able to complete the quest for Nepheli Loux, you still have to tackle a small side quest in Limgrave. Visited Kenneth Haight at his viewpoint in the east of Limgraves, along the street to the third church of Marika. He asks you to free his fortress from a knight.

Then cross the fog forest until you reach the Haight fortress. Fight through the semi-people, soldiers and the pumpkin head to the top. There awaits you there. Kill him and you get the war side bloody cut .

Reports Kenneth of your victory. He rewarded you with the earth steel dagger and moves back into his fortress. Rest set at a place of grace, then visit Kenneth where you have previously placed the knight and exhausted the dialogue.

Nepheli Loux: Complete quest

At the end of Nepheli’s Quest you only come after you have reached the Altus plateau and the royal capital Leyndell . There you have to defeat the Boss Morgot (Guide). Then return to Sturmschleier Castle and enter God’s throne room.

Note : Do not appear Nepheli and Kenneth in the throne room, teleport yourself to the place of grace Godrick the transplanted. Run back to the place of grace remote cell and rest there. Now enter God’s throne room without using another teleport and the two should be in front of the throne.

reward for the quest around Nepheli Loux

Talk to Nepheli and she presents you with a ancient dragon smithy stone with which you can upgrade special weapons. If you have killed Gostoc, he stands in the corner behind the throne and also sells you an ancient kite smithy stone for 20,000 runes.

Nepheli Loux is now a ruler about Sturmwind Castle and her quest has been completed. However, you meet her one last time in the ash capital Leyndell. In the fight against Godfrey, first Elden prince (Guide) she is at your side as a AI helper when you have completed the quest around the warrior.

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