NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek-jin) announced on the 12th that it recorded sales of 62.3 billion won in the second quarter.

Operating profit of W123bn and net profit of W118.7bn.

Revenue increased 17% YoY, and operating profit and net profit increased 9% and 26%, respectively.

Regional sales were the highest in Korea at 48.8 billion won. Asia’s sales amounted to W14.4bn and North American and European sales of 39.9 billion won. In particular, sales in North America and Europe increased 64% year-on-year.


Royalty sales are 36 billion won. Overseas and royalties account for 35%of total sales.

Mobile game sales rose 35% year-on-year to W475.2bn. By service game, Lineage W W22.3bn, Lineage M 141.2 billion won, Lineage 2M 96.2 billion won, and Blade & Soul 2 generated 14.2 billion won.

PC online game sales are Lineage 25.7 billion won, Lineage 2 22.6 billion won, Aion 14.2 billion won, Blade & Soul 6.1 billion won, and Guild Wars 2 27.2 billion won.

Lineage M recorded an increase of 22% QoQ due to the 5th anniversary update effect. Guild War 2 has achieved growth in the previous year, with the third expansion pack sales launched in February this year, and 70% year-on-year.