Riot Games Music, on the 11th, on the 11th, ‘POP/STARS’, the debut song and single album of the virtual K-POP girl group ‘K/DA’ in the League of Legends through the official SNS, is from the American Music Industry Association (RIAA) ‘ Platinum said it was certified.

RIAA’s ‘RIAA certification’, which RIAA granted based on the sales volume of the US and Singles, is said to be the standard for the record industry. When more than 500,000 copies are sold, there are ‘Gold’, if more than 1 million copies are ‘Platinum’ and ‘Multi Platinum’ and ‘Diamond’ certification.


Currently, the only girl group that has been certified as RIAA in Korea is ‘BLACKPINK’, and K/DA has become the K-POP girl group with the second RIAA certification after Black Pink. In addition to the girl group, the first platinum certification record in Korea is owned by ‘BTS’, and Korea’s first diamond certification record, which is granted for more than 10 million copies, is held by ‘Pink Pong Baby Shark’.

Meanwhile, K/DA, which exists as a separate worldview in League of Legends, first appeared in 2018 with the concept of ‘K-POP Idol’. Even though there is no reality, their debut song ‘POP/STARS’ took the top of various music art rankings, and the music video has gained great popularity such as surpassing 500 million views of YouTube views.