In this trophy guidelines to Two Point Campus you can find out:

  • How many trophies Two Point Campus has ready for you
  • What you have to do to get all the successes
  • How to get the platinum trophy on PS4 and PS5

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How many trophies are there in Two Point Campus?

On the PS4 and PS5 you can unlock a total of 36 trophies in Two Point Campus :

20x bronze *
11x silver
4x gold
* 1x platinum

Play your Two Point Campus on Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X you can collect 35 successes, which are worth a total of 1,000 gamerscore points **.

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Two Point Campus: All bronze trophies

The bronze trophies have a small homage to the predecessor: So you have to treat a case of every illness from Two Point Hospital.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
A and O of the campus management Get 1 star in Freshleigh Meadows. Bronze 10
Bachelor of the slave egg Earn 12 stars in the course of your career. Bronze 20
Now the seriousness of life begins Let a student graduate. Bronze 10
Bookworm hunt Start a bookworm. Bronze 10
Some wise Continue an employee. Bronze 10
Lots of wise Bring an employee at level 10 in a single area-relevant area. Bronze 20
Club-Sandwich Has a club with 5 members. Bronze 20
With united forces Let a club level 10 be reached. Bronze 20
Best friends Let students become the best friends. Bronze 20
Trying is about studying Let 50 students cancel their studies. Bronze 10
Personal explosion Hire 100 employees. Bronze 10
So curdled Lose 5 cheeseball matches. Bronze 10
Do your homework Complete 50 research projects. Bronze 20
Unlock and act Earn 1,000 kudosh. Bronze 20
For the bin Remove 1,000 pieces of waste. Bronze 10
Soul mate Let 50 soul mandates find each other. Bronze 40

Jumbo Mega Team | Win a cheese ball match against the Jumbo Mega team. | Bronze | 20
Snap the mole | Express a mole in Murkskau. | Bronze | 20
Abrakapauker | Bring an employee through further training to level 5 in the sector. | Bronze | 10
Recurring diseases | Treat 1 case of every disease from Two Point Hospital. | Bronze | 20

Two Point Campus: All silver trophies

Only real cheeseball professionals enjoy all silver trophies. For the trophy as won you have to win 15 cheeseball matches.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Magister Ludi Earn 24 stars in the course of your career. Silver 40
No screw loose Improvement 100 devices. Silver 40
Crowds in Talar Let 1,000 students graduate. Silver 40
Bookworm Chants 50 bookworms. Silver 40
As won Win 15 cheeseball matches. Silver 40
Clever invested Earn 100,000 through research projects. Silver 40
Enough of experts Bring an employee through further training to level 5 in all areas relevant to the course. Silver 40
An open ear Solve 100 pastoral problems. Silver 25
There is always a hospital Treat 100 medical problems. Silver 25
Hooray! Defeat Lord Blaggard in the big Tjost. Silver 20
Like and immediately likes to join Has a club with 100 members. Silver 40

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Two point campus: gold and platinum trophies

Only those who have collected all the trophies in Two Point Campus can say with the left and thus obtain the platinum trophy of the same name.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
In office and doctoral dignity Earn 36 stars in the course of your career. Gold 100
Final class Get 1 star at the Two Point University. Gold 60
We are all friends here Let 500 friendships blossom. Gold 60
Academic rainbow Celebrate a degree in every course. Gold 60
Passed with left Collect every trophy in Two Point Campus. Platinum

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