Just two and a half months separate us from the premiere of one of the most anticipated games of the year: scarlet and purple Pokémon, The ninth generation of the saga, which this time will bPokémone its region on Spain . A launch that the followers of the franchise expect Pokémon May water, but will have made space in the memory of their Nintendo Switch? Thanks to the title file in the ESHOP, we already know the exact size of its download: 10.2 GB .

scarlet and purple Pokémon: everything we know

The launch date is set for next November 18 , and while we put ourselves with patience, these days new news hPokémon been shared on the game. Paldea is the name of the new region bPokémoned in Spain and recently showed us the complete map. On this occPokémonion, the new deliveries will combine the traditional style of the saga with Open World Mechanics inherited from the Pokémon Sword and Shield Wildlife, Pokémon well Pokémon Pokémon legends: Arceus.

The teracristization is one of the great novelties , a new method of transformation capable of completely changing the type of a Pokémon. Everyone can do it, even Pikachu, who can change his type to flying, something that seemed impossible to date (no matter how much he learned to use surf). Of course, we also know everything about the initial 3 Pokémon.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple will be put on sale on November 18 in Nintendo Switch . If you cannot wait any longer and you want to enjoy the saga, in this link we tell you the chronological order in which you can play all the main deliveries. And If you want to try something totally different , you can take an eye on all spin-offs and Pokémon minijuegos, ordered by platforms in which they are available and their relePokémone date.