TBS announced on July 31 that it will broadcast Atom’s Child (Ko) at Sunday Theater (at 9:00 broadcast every Sunday). It is a serial drama set in the game industry, and the story of young genius game developers who are facing large capital and the story of growing with the relationship with the surrounding people is depicted.


The stage of Atom’s Children is the modern game industry. The protagonist is Yuta Azumi and others, played by Kento Yamazaki. Nayu and others are genius indie game developers who worked under the name of John de, and are called Banksy in the game industry because no one knows their real face. However, after a certain incident, he lived quietly from the game development.

On the other hand, a long-established toy maker Atom was looking for Nayu and others. Atom, who had been in danger of closing due to price competition with overseas, has been operating to enter the game as a new business format in order to rebuild the management of one-shot reversal. But Atom has no fund or game production know-how. So, with the desire to squeeze the straw, he worked hard to contact Nayu and others, a game industry banksy.

In this drama, a completely original story is drawn, and the script is in charge of Mr. Marie Kamimori, who worked on Aibo and Is this love? Produced by Yoshihiko Nakai, such as My mother-in-law and daughter’s blues and become a wife, elementary school student. Shingo Okamoto, Daisuke Yamamuro, Maiko Ouchi, and Yuko Tago will be involved in the production.

At present, only Kento Yamazaki has been revealed about the cast of Atom’s Children. Mr. Yamazaki says that he has appeared in the Sunday theater since 2017, and has been starring TBS serial drama for the first time. He commented on this announcement as follows.

Five years ago, I participated in the Sunday Theater Rikuo and felt that it was a very hot drama that could impress every week. I would like to be a cast staff all over, so I hope that I will be able to shoot interesting works with all my might. From children to adults, I think that it is a story that can be enjoyed by various generations through games that everyone has touched. I want to make the best work that makes the whole family look hot every Sunday, so please look forward to it!

Yoshihiko Nakai, who is in charge of producing, commented as follows.

I would like to draw the joy and conflict of the gaming industry, which can be said to be the modern national stealing story, and the joy and conflict of those involved in it. Kento Yamazaki, who is active in numerous movies and dramas, stands at the center of the struggle, does not flock without fear of a large company, and fights alone, Nayuta and others who are fighting alone to fulfill their ambitions al1. It overlapped. This role was offered because I thought that there was only Kento Yamazaki. Please look forward to the Sunday Theater Atom no Child.

According to this announcement, Japan, which has no resources, was able to show its existence after the war, because of manufacturing, and mentioned the game industry in the context. He pointed out that Japan is a game power that produces famous machines and masterpieces for both soft and hardware, including Nintendo’s NES and Sony PlayStation.

And now that the game is now a culture that all generations will have touched, a game developer called Indie appears simultaneously all over the world, and many masterpieces such as Minecraft have been born. He talks about the situation. The protagonist, Nayu Azumi and others, will challenge the world with manufacturing in such a game industry, and will face various difficulties.

The Sunday Theater Atom’s Child starts in October this year. It is broadcast on the TBS series every Sunday from 9:00 to 9:54.