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Gothic 1 Remake se remontre pour le THQ Nordic Digital Display

Mixes if Alkimia Interactive is all happy that this sequence is entirely performed in real time with the engine of the video game, the fans unquestionably expected better than a dive into an old mine finishing on an arachnophobic conference, particularly for a job Who began in 2019, the year of the buyout of the permit by THQ Nordic.


It will certainly be necessary to be satisfied with it prior to seeing what the remake ofplus emblematic of German RPGhas in the stubborn belly, he that is in growth on PS5, Xbox Collection and also PC. In a couple of lines and also for those who were not traveling in 2001, Gothic 1 remake will provide us to personify an unnamed hero, easy condemned to operate in the Khorinis mines for the remainder of his life, prior to an event does not destroy magic protection instantly and causes a mutiny among the prisoners, the mining nest now remaining in the hands of the most unsafe intrigues.


Amongst the numerous licenses picked up for many years by Kiss, Thq Nordic has actually started to relaunch Gothic, RPG of Piranha bytes released in 2001. A job for which the author even founded a studio in Barcelona, Alkimia Interactive, which today reveals a remove from his work.

Gothic 1 Remake-Bande-Annonce Thq Nordic Digital Display 2022

K/DA POP/STARS, RIAA Platinum certified

Riot Games Music, on the 11th, on the 11th, ‘POP/STARS’, the debut song and single album of the virtual K-POP girl group ‘K/DA’ in the League of Legends through the official SNS, is from the American Music Industry Association (RIAA) ‘ Platinum said it was certified.

RIAA’s ‘RIAA certification’, which RIAA granted based on the sales volume of the US and Singles, is said to be the standard for the record industry. When more than 500,000 copies are sold, there are ‘Gold’, if more than 1 million copies are ‘Platinum’ and ‘Multi Platinum’ and ‘Diamond’ certification.


Currently, the only girl group that has been certified as RIAA in Korea is ‘BLACKPINK’, and K/DA has become the K-POP girl group with the second RIAA certification after Black Pink. In addition to the girl group, the first platinum certification record in Korea is owned by ‘BTS’, and Korea’s first diamond certification record, which is granted for more than 10 million copies, is held by ‘Pink Pong Baby Shark’.

Meanwhile, K/DA, which exists as a separate worldview in League of Legends, first appeared in 2018 with the concept of ‘K-POP Idol’. Even though there is no reality, their debut song ‘POP/STARS’ took the top of various music art rankings, and the music video has gained great popularity such as surpassing 500 million views of YouTube views.

NCsoft, 2Q operating profit of 123 billion. 9%↑

NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek-jin) announced on the 12th that it recorded sales of 62.3 billion won in the second quarter.

Operating profit of W123bn and net profit of W118.7bn.

Revenue increased 17% YoY, and operating profit and net profit increased 9% and 26%, respectively.

Regional sales were the highest in Korea at 48.8 billion won. Asia’s sales amounted to W14.4bn and North American and European sales of 39.9 billion won. In particular, sales in North America and Europe increased 64% year-on-year.


Royalty sales are 36 billion won. Overseas and royalties account for 35%of total sales.

Mobile game sales rose 35% year-on-year to W475.2bn. By service game, Lineage W W22.3bn, Lineage M 141.2 billion won, Lineage 2M 96.2 billion won, and Blade & Soul 2 generated 14.2 billion won.

PC online game sales are Lineage 25.7 billion won, Lineage 2 22.6 billion won, Aion 14.2 billion won, Blade & Soul 6.1 billion won, and Guild Wars 2 27.2 billion won.

Lineage M recorded an increase of 22% QoQ due to the 5th anniversary update effect. Guild War 2 has achieved growth in the previous year, with the third expansion pack sales launched in February this year, and 70% year-on-year.

How to read the mind in Cult of The Lamb

In Cult of The Lamb, you play as a possessed lamb who works diligently to create followers of worshipers for the mysterious stranger who saved your life. To better keep your loyal followers, you can learn how to read the mind in Cult of the Lamb to watch better for your flock and prevent faith from losing.

Cult of the Lamb presents a land of false prophets where it is difficult to graze your flock and keep it walking along the right path. The ability to read the mind will help determine the mood of the cult and give clues about whether something could happen that interrupts the faith soon. Fortunately, this ability is not too difficult to unlock and use.

How to read the mind in Cult of The Lamb

How to read the mind in Cult of The Lamb

* Unlock the ability to read the mind

You will have to undertake some crusades and defeat three minijefes to unlock the ability to read the mind.

* Talk to a follower

The first step to read the mind is to speak casually with your followers. There is nothing suspicious in that.

* Navigate to the Read Thoughts option

Go to the left wheel section to find the option to read thoughts.

Once you have the ability to read the mind, you can know when the members of your flock may be unhappy and avoid lowering your faith or even rebel before it happens.

That is all you need to know how to read the mind in Cult of the Lamb. To get more information, be sure to consult all the other useful guides that we have for the game, including those found on how to maintain faith, cook and much more.

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Two point campus: trophies

In this trophy guidelines to Two Point Campus you can find out:

  • How many trophies Two Point Campus has ready for you
  • What you have to do to get all the successes
  • How to get the platinum trophy on PS4 and PS5

Now extend Xbox Game Pass Ultimate!

How many trophies are there in Two Point Campus?

On the PS4 and PS5 you can unlock a total of 36 trophies in Two Point Campus :

20x bronze *
11x silver
4x gold
* 1x platinum

Play your Two Point Campus on Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X you can collect 35 successes, which are worth a total of 1,000 gamerscore points **.

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Two Point Campus: All bronze trophies

The bronze trophies have a small homage to the predecessor: So you have to treat a case of every illness from Two Point Hospital.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
A and O of the campus management Get 1 star in Freshleigh Meadows. Bronze 10
Bachelor of the slave egg Earn 12 stars in the course of your career. Bronze 20
Now the seriousness of life begins Let a student graduate. Bronze 10
Bookworm hunt Start a bookworm. Bronze 10
Some wise Continue an employee. Bronze 10
Lots of wise Bring an employee at level 10 in a single area-relevant area. Bronze 20
Club-Sandwich Has a club with 5 members. Bronze 20
With united forces Let a club level 10 be reached. Bronze 20
Best friends Let students become the best friends. Bronze 20
Trying is about studying Let 50 students cancel their studies. Bronze 10
Personal explosion Hire 100 employees. Bronze 10
So curdled Lose 5 cheeseball matches. Bronze 10
Do your homework Complete 50 research projects. Bronze 20
Unlock and act Earn 1,000 kudosh. Bronze 20
For the bin Remove 1,000 pieces of waste. Bronze 10
Soul mate Let 50 soul mandates find each other. Bronze 40

Jumbo Mega Team | Win a cheese ball match against the Jumbo Mega team. | Bronze | 20
Snap the mole | Express a mole in Murkskau. | Bronze | 20
Abrakapauker | Bring an employee through further training to level 5 in the sector. | Bronze | 10
Recurring diseases | Treat 1 case of every disease from Two Point Hospital. | Bronze | 20

Two Point Campus: All silver trophies

Only real cheeseball professionals enjoy all silver trophies. For the trophy as won you have to win 15 cheeseball matches.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Magister Ludi Earn 24 stars in the course of your career. Silver 40
No screw loose Improvement 100 devices. Silver 40
Crowds in Talar Let 1,000 students graduate. Silver 40
Bookworm Chants 50 bookworms. Silver 40
As won Win 15 cheeseball matches. Silver 40
Clever invested Earn 100,000 through research projects. Silver 40
Enough of experts Bring an employee through further training to level 5 in all areas relevant to the course. Silver 40
An open ear Solve 100 pastoral problems. Silver 25
There is always a hospital Treat 100 medical problems. Silver 25
Hooray! Defeat Lord Blaggard in the big Tjost. Silver 20
Like and immediately likes to join Has a club with 100 members. Silver 40

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Two point campus: gold and platinum trophies

Only those who have collected all the trophies in Two Point Campus can say with the left and thus obtain the platinum trophy of the same name.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
In office and doctoral dignity Earn 36 stars in the course of your career. Gold 100
Final class Get 1 star at the Two Point University. Gold 60
We are all friends here Let 500 friendships blossom. Gold 60
Academic rainbow Celebrate a degree in every course. Gold 60
Passed with left Collect every trophy in Two Point Campus. Platinum

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The Climb: New video game+ as well as cyber Warrior Pack offered for Xbox next week

In February, Neon Giant had to hold off the publication of the brand-new game+ and the cyber Warrior Pack for The Ascent on Xbox consoles.
Following week it should be up until now as well as both web content will be released on Xbox on August 18 with an update.
The upgrade will certainly likewise make the cyber offered DLC, as well as various other content.
Various enhancements as well as improvements are included for all platforms.
This content will certainly be readily available from August 18:
* Chongqing pack (totally free).
* Cybersec pack.
* Cyber Warrior Pack.

  • Cyber Heist.

* Improvements.
* Mistake adjustments.
* New game+.

Gensin Impact: Cheaters need to go into jail – and also pay a great deal of cash

Are cheats in solitary gamer games without PvP as persistent as in the multiplayer games and also local mmos? Genshin Impact has Koop, however is not actually online-developer Mihoyo is still tough versus cheaters as well as cheat developers.

GENSHIN IMPACT: 4 years behind bars for cheat developers

The cyberpunks were currently captured in 2021, but the process continued until now. The elderly rip off developer was sentenced to four years in prison and have to pay a fine of $ 50,000. The various other 2 liable people have to go to jail for three years and also ten months as well as for one year and also 6 months **. They likewise obtained additional penalties.

A group of 3 cheat developers was punished to great jail and also penalties in Shanghai. The designers had created several plug-ins for Genshin Impact and also cost practically $ 300,000. Although Gensin is not an multiplayer video game as well as ignoring PvP, cheated amounts of one of the most essential in-game money might still harm the players-and certainly Mihoyo himself.

On Reddit, individual not uploading much summed up the situation:

Are cheats in single player video games without PvP as stubborn as in the multiplayer games and local mmos? A group of three cheat developers was sentenced to excellent prison and also fines in Shanghai. The designers had actually developed numerous plug-ins for Genshin Impact and offered for nearly $ 300,000. The various other 2 responsible individuals have to go to prison for 3 years and also 10 months and for one year and also six months .

Reddit user Thachickenisfkinraw suggests the comment of one more, which additionally discusses that the cheat developers had actually hacked into the main server from Genshin . This might also discuss the hardness of the punishment if that is true.

Impact was published on September 28, 2020 for PS4, PS5, COMPUTER, Android and iOS. It is a cost-free open-world role-playing video game, in which you either check out the world alone or with a co-op group searching for as much as four gamers for experiences.

The programmers of cheats are certainly especially essential. Individuals of the cheats can still run the threat of losing their account.

Friday evening, Hammer Strasse – what could be better?

FC Bocholt for the flood lamp home game in the Prussian stadium tomorrow night, the football heart of trainer Sascha Hildmann definitely defeats a little higher, the coach emphasized With his words at the press meeting. We look forward to the game! The game is kick-off at 7:30 p.m.

Bocholt with starting difficulties

We saw Bocholt twice this season. You generally have a playful strategy, but confidence will probably be fractured after two defeats. So it is tough to assess just how you appear with us, states Sascha Hildmann about the following opponent: You most definitely have a robust as well as hostile group, you will likewise intend to show that with us. In addition, they have a demonstrator with Marcel Platzek that fired the league al1. The 32-year-old storm expert scored 39 objectives last period in 32 league games, as well as he likewise gave 10 assists. The 2 previous goals of the Bocholter objectives additionally go to his account.

At the start, the club lost 1: 3 to the co-promoter 1. We additionally had good phases in both games, however that does not matter currently. You stand there after two video games with zero factors and that versus opponents, versus whom we certainly have a little calculated, the 26-year-old FCB train Jan Winking arranges the start.

take the tailwind with you before the residence video game.

I am maximum contentment with our game in Wiedenbrück. The Prussian trainer will most likely alter something on its last the same initial group: We likewise desire to reward the children who likewise should have to play. The setup sheet will certainly be revealed tomorrow night.

FC Bocholt for the floodlight house game in the Prussian stadium tomorrow night, the football heart of coach Sascha Hildmann most definitely beats a little higher, the trainer highlighted With his words at the press meeting. The video game is kick-off at 7:30 p.m.


Bocholt with starting difficulties

We likewise had great stages in both video games, however that doesn’t matter now. You stand there after two video games with no points and that versus opponents, against whom we definitely have a little computed, the 26-year-old FCB instructor Jan Winking organizes the begin.

The 32-year-old storm veteran scored 39 objectives last period in 32 organization video games, as well as he also gave 10 helps.

New Fatal Fury: SNK reveals a new episode, right here are all the ideas that it is Garou Mark of the Wolves 2

Yasuyuki Oda, the man that permitted SNK to discover his letters of the aristocracy, constantly said clear and also loud that he will do whatever to do a continuation to Mark of the Wolves, but additionally to The Last Blade 2. What to say that it is certainly Garou Mark of the Wolves who arrives, which will additionally join the telephone call of the foot of Lizardcube to SNK in January 2021…

While the EVO 2022 ends slowly on the side of Las Vegas, SNK had actually kept a couple of statements under the joint, simply to close the occasion as it ought to be. SNK does not yet formalize the name of the game, as well as call it for the moment New Fatal Fury/ Garou, but provided the inombrable clues left by SNK, there is a good possibility that it is a sequel to one of the Best 2D Bastle Games never created.

VfB Stuttgart switches RB Leipzig one factor

Leipzig took the lead early with Christopher Nkunku (8th min). The gamer of the season linked effortlessly to his services received 2021/22 when he published 35 goal involvements in 34 video games.

Naouirou Ahamada (31st) attained the been worthy of compensation for VfB, which has actually been played in the meantime. VfB goalkeeper Florian Müller made the Leipzig strikers desperate with strong ceremonies.

In his opening video game at VfB Stuttgart, the cup victor did not surpass a 1: 1 (1: 1) and provided himself just in phases as a top group. The division of factors clouded the expectancy of Timo Werner’s expected return, that will switch over to his ex-club.

We had a great deal of opportunities. Stuttgart appears to shoot the objective as soon as, in the long run it is 1: 1. It feels like a defeat, claimed Benjamin Henrichs at DAZN. When you look at the whole game, we are entitled to the point, stated VfB gameing activities director Sven Mislintat, that proved Müller an outstanding day.

Timo Werner nearly there, however not yet the very first success: RB Leipzig received a damper at the beginning of the Bundesliga.

Bayern-Flirt Laimer is missing

Leipzig’s trainer Domenico Tedesco had to take care of the high number of goals acknowledged in prep work. There were five each in the test game against Liverpool FC (0: 5) and in the Supercup against FC Bayern Munich (3: 5).

The Leipzig, that had altered in a total of four positions, started passionate and promptly compensated each various other. After a rack by Dani Olmo, Nkunku scored. Lukas Klostermann (13th) awarded the opportunity of an even greater management.

The coach reacted to the current failings and developed David Raum, amongst various other points, to the David Raum, that originated from TSG 1899. More Clear Konrad Laimer had to fit. He was kinked a day prior to the battle in training, Tedesco described.

ahamada counters Nkunku

VfB initially looked fruitless for a remedy. The Pellegrino Matarazzo group, which had actually only conserved itself in the standstill time of the last match day in the pre-season, just bit into play after a quarter of an hour.

Theme Sasa Kalajdzic was the 2nd adjustment along with goalkeeper Müller compared to the progression in the DFB Mug, when the Swabians had a hard time to a 1-0 win with the third division club SG Dynamo Dresden.

The nimble Silas Katompa Mvumpa went a little as well impetuous against Willi Orban and after that pushed the ball past the objective (18th). Ahamada did better.

Due to an action by Konstantinos Mavropanos, VfB virtually transformed the video game shortly prior to the break. With his long-range shot, the Greek central protector stopped working on the message.

RB Leipzig for a long period of time without concepts

Stuttgart seems to shoot the objective once, in the end it is 1: 1. When you look at the entire game, we should have the point, claimed VfB games director Sven Mislintat, who confirmed Müller an superior day.

The Leipzig, that had actually transformed in a total of 4 positions, began enthusiastic and also promptly rewarded each various other.

The trainer responded to the current failings and also developed David Raum, amongst various other points, to the David Raum, who came from TSG 1899. He was kinked a day before the duel in training, Tedesco explained.

During a shot by Hugo Novoa, Müller (62nd) conserved, and the goalkeeper remained the victor 3 mins later on. The printing of the visitors boosted progressively, yet was no more compensated.

Leipzig had more belongings, however there was no creative ideas. The attack game only ended up being a lot more identified after the change of sides after an hour.

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