Supercat, which has achieved rapid appearance growth by introducing mobile RPG ‘Wind Country: Yeon’ and 2D Meta Bus Platform ‘ZEP’, will be able to build a bigger leap forward.

Supercat (CEO Kim Young-eul) announced on the 21st a Supercat-like way to work that contains the new system for the creation of a healthy corporate culture.

The new system and how to work like a supercat were planned under the philosophy that the work environment where individual members can showcase their capabilities and a healthy enterprise culture are connected to a game with a complete game.

First, ‘How to work like a supercat’ contains Supercat’s work culture and brand story. From the work guides that are basic, but no one tells me, to the law to become a worker (a good worker), and the way of working with supercat members, from the humorous text and drawing, from the humorous text and drawing of the supercat members. ‘How to work like a supercat’ can be found on the website for anyone interested in Supercat’s corporate culture.

In addition, with the intention of freely sharing knowledge and experience, the company has established an in-house conference system to create an atmosphere where members can help and support each other. The conference can be held on the topic you want, regardless of size or number of times, and provides a certain gift certificate to the host. Currently, there are regular conferences on various topics such as in-house SQL courses and mobile game circulation rescue conferences.

In addition, the company operates a commercial coaching agent that encourages growth through free and horizontal communication between leaders and members. In addition to the difficulties and suggestions of work, it is possible to talk with a wide range of topics such as interpersonal relationships and grievances in the workplace. Through the coaching system, members can improve their understanding of business directions, capacity development, and company goals, and leaders can get positive effects in terms of emotional management and long-term service.

Supercat, which has abolished the comprehensive wage system earlier this year and is leading the creation of a healthy working environment, continues to improve the welfare of autonomous commuting, seasonal leave, and residential loan interest support. We are also working hard to communicate in terms of communication, such as regularly preparing a place to work together and sharing improvements and solutions.

Supercat Nam Ji-young, head of the People Team Team, said, In order to create a better game, a better service, we need to share the vision of all members, and how to work with a healthy way of communication. We plan to focus on creating a corporate culture and working environment that can grow with employees as the company has grown rapidly with various projects including ‘.