The developers of the AOKZOE A1 portable Windows console are planning to open Kickstarter for their device on July 12th. The smallest version of the console will cost $899 and provide 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM at 6400MHz, as well as 512GB of permanent storage, while the older version will come with 32GB of RAM and 2048GB of permanent storage and will cost $1299. Also, the console will have two battery options: 48 and 65 W / h.


While crowdfunding has yet to go live, AOKZOE continues to showcase what its A1 console is capable of in various games. Today we were shown a video in which an operating system from Steam Deck was launched on A1, which is called Steam OS.

On the same YouTube channel, you can find a video demonstrating the gameplay of different games on this console at 28 and 15 W TDP limits for the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U APU.