Cue Games announced on July 8 that it will launch Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition on September 7. The compatible platform is PS4/PS5. It is a purchase title, and the price is 4000 yen.

Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition is a cooperative online-related action game. The stage will be a different world in the near future. It is a world in which a secret project in a country has failed, and the body and consciousness of people around the world have been melted. In this world where monsters swing up, the purpose of the game is to cooperate with players to revive the city and rebuild human civilization.

Players collect resources to revive the city, create facilities, and collect humanity preserved in Matryoshka. It is a mechanism that uses one city with multiple players, but the number of structures required to create a facility is limited, and it is necessary to overcome and cooperate with other players. Purchase a tool with a distribution ticket obtained by the Labor Audit Bureau as a compensation for labor, and head for the island search for further resources. Matryoshka collected from the island can be converted to the people, and this number is the population of the city. When the prescribed population is reached, the city’s reconstruction is completed. It is the flow of moving to a new city and working on rebuilding. Sometimes a giant beast attacks the city, and the defense and damage are left to the players.


This work is a revival version that has improved the multi-play game Tomorrow Children released for PS4 in 2016. The original version ended one year after the launch after a closed beta test. Later, negotiations were taken between Cue Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), who were considering re-release. In 2021, the rights of Tomorrow Children were transferred to the queue games and the release of the work.

Additional elements from the previous Tomorrow Children include offline single play modes, hook guns that are convenient for moving to high places, and monoliths that change the terrain of the island. There are more than 40 types of islands, and using the above-mentioned monoliths will change the terrain, and the way you enjoy searching is likely to spread. In addition, this work used to be a free item billing system for basic play, but the charging element was abolished in the Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition. By using the Peer To Peer method that does not go through the server, it is possible to continue playing without worrying about deleting data due to the end of the service.

Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition will be released on September 7. The compatible platform is PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5, and the function is expanded for PS5. The price is 4000 yen, and early purchase benefits will be provided for two weeks from the release. At the Bitsummit X-Roads festival, the largest indie game festival in Kyoto on August 6 and 7, you will be able to try out this work before the release. Check the official website for more information.