[Park Ye-jin Park Ye-jin reporter] Craepon’s Battleground Mobile India stands out, attracting attention in the Indian mobile game market.

According to Craepon (CEO Chang-han Kim) on the 4th, Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), which was launched in July last year, surpassed 100 million cumulative users in one year. According to the data analysis company sensor tower on the 4th, the game ranks second in Google Play sales in India and first in the Apple App Store.

Local e-sports are also cruising with the popularity of Battleground Mobile India. The Battleground Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 was attracting attention by providing the largest prize in India’s esports, with a total prize of 20 million rupies (about 330 million won). The cumulative number of viewing was 175 million. This year, four professional and amateur competitions, including BMPS Season 1, will be held. The total prize money is 60 million rupees.

The Indian game market is known to have a high growth rate. According to the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) report, as of July last year, the number of people in Indian games was more than 622 million. KOTRA expects the Indian game industry market to be about $ 2.8 billion this year, citing Deloitte India Report.

Especially in India, mobile game growth is more steeper than PC games. The Indian mobile game market has 85%of the online game market.

Global Consulting Company KPMG has grown to $ 885 million in India’s mobile game market by 2020, and if investment feasibility is secured in terms of potential due to the improvement of Internet infrastructure and increasing user numbers in the future, It is expected that game companies will expand.

However, there is an analysis that domestic game companies still need a cautious approach to entering the Indian mobile game market. This is because the heterogeneity of the main genre may not be easy.


Cybrid, a game development and IT solution company, said that Indian mobile games are still dominant in fantasy sports games. Fantasy sports and card games with Real Money Game (RGM) are still familiar to Indians and occupy the main weight. In addition, fantasy sports are already released by Indian game companies, and sports such as crickets are considered to be a sport in Korea.

However, it is encouraging that Battle Royale is becoming a game trend in India recently. As of the 4th, the 10th place in Google Play in the Sensor Tower has about half of the battleground Mobile India, as well as ‘Garena Prefire Max’ and ‘Call of Duty Mobile Season 6’.

It is also a challenge that the average consumption expenditure tendency is low. In the report, KOTRA Mumbai Trade Center said in the report, The Indian game industry has grown at an average annual average of 60%over the past three years, and the growth in this field does not show signs of slowing. It’s likely to overtake profits.

However, Indian consumers are more sensitive to prices, he said. Korean game companies will also be able to maintain the nature of the game by referring to the characteristics of the online game industry in India when entering India, he said.