The conflict in American society, related to the topic of abortion prohibitions, manifests itself in the game industry. Thus, Bethesda employees are extremely concerned about the silence of the company’s management, which does not comment on recent events, namely, the cancellation of the decision in the Row against Wade, which made it possible to declare outlaws at its discretion.

According to the Kotaku portal, for Bethesda Game Studios and Zenimax Media, this is a particularly urgent problem, since many employees of companies working on Starfield and Redfall are based in Texas and other states where the prohibition of the law on the ban on abortion will be banned.

In corporate chats of the company, verbal debate took place all last week, since there is no consensus among employees. It got to the point that the administrator had to delete the entire branch of the discussions and introduce a ban on the topic of politics and religion of the cooler with water channel-apparently, this is the name of the chat flood in Bethesda.

And the essence of the dispute is the absence of any guarantees for employees if they fall in a difficult situation, although Bethesda previously opposed the criminalization of abortion.

We hope that these Borodeni will not affect each other’s work on significant studio products.