Unity Korea (CEO In-sook Kim) announced on the 27th that it has donated 10 million won to Seungil Hope Foundation and Milal Welfare Foundation.


Unity has donated donations to the Seungil Hope Foundation and the Milal Welfare Foundation to support Lou Gehrig patients and children with disabilities, and donations are supported by Seungil Hope Foundation’s Lou Gehrig Children’s Patient Hospital It will be used on the back.

The donation delivered was made through voluntary donations from in-house employees and included revenue from external activities of Unity Evangelists. Kim Bum-joo, head of Evangelism, who participated in the donation, said, We decided to donate the profits earned through various lectures last year for those who need socially helpful. As you can do, I hope this donation will help to solve the information gap between the vulnerable and to increase IT access.

Kim In-sook, CEO of Unity Korea, said, Unity has supported more creators to realize dreams and imagination under the value of ‘the more creators, the better the world will be better’. It has been carried out as part of it, and we will continue to expand social contribution activities that have a positive impact on the world.

On the other hand, Unity officially launched the ‘Unity Social Impact’ department dedicated to social contribution activities in October 2020 to implement corporate social responsibility, and sponsored various social contents such as education, environment, and welfare through the ‘Unity Poemant’ program through the ‘Unity Poemant’ program. It is also contributing.