To play GTA V on a PC, you need to tie your Steam account with Rockstar Games Social Club. Social Club is, in fact, a multi-user and communication service proposed by Rockstar Games, which is used by their last games and is necessary to obtain access to certain network functions in the game. However, on the way to becoming lawless criminals in the city of Los Santos, some players may encounter an obstacle to the binding of two accounts. In this leadership, we will tell you how easy it is to connect your Steam account with the Social Club account.


How to create an account Rockstar Games Social Club

Firstly, you need to either have games Rockstar account in the social club T or create a new 1. As mentioned earlier, the Social Club is a service provided by Rockstar Games to support communication and network functions in their latest games, including GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. Creating an account, you can bind several social platforms to it.. You also need to Tie your Steam account to gain access to Rockstar Games products in your Steam library. However, keep in mind that you can only tie one Steam account for any Social Club account.

How to connect your Steam account with Rockstar Games Social Club

You can tie your Steam account with the Social Club account of your choice in several ways. You can do this by visiting the Rockstar Social Games Club website or running the latest version of Rockstar Games Launcher.

After completing the GTA V installation, open Rockstar Games Launcher and enter your Social Club account. Then you will get the opportunity to connect your Steam account with the current Social Club account. Please note that this will be a constant link, and it cannot be canceled. After confirming the link, you will get disposable activation code which you can check and activate to successfully connect your Steam account with the Social Club account.

To check the success of the account binding, go to Rockstar Social Games Club, and then go to the account settings. Here, under related accounts on the tab you can find and manage all your related accounts.

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