RISING STAR GAMES distributes a PC version of the adventure game Deadly Premonition 2: a blessing in disguise at Future Games Show JUNE 2022 distributed on June 12, 2022. have started.

This work is a PC transplant that was released for Nintendo Switch in 2020. The FBI investigator York will be investigated the incident in the New Orleans rural town Le Cale, where the serial murder has occurred in the past.

This work is Both the sequel and the previous work of the previous work DEADLY PREMONITION released in 2010. Players gather information while going back and forth between the two times, 2005 and 2019, and follow the truth of the past. The game is an open world, and you can play not only the main game but also various mini games.

DEADLY PREMONITION 2: A BLESSING IN DISGUISE PC version is on sale today at Steam. There is also a special promotion that can be purchased 30%off until June 19th.