The MSI of 2022 has just concluded with a winner totally deserved: Royal Never Give Up . The Chinese club has been by far the best team of the entire International Spring Tournament and many have surrendered at the foot of Gala and company . They have managed to stop the feet of a t1 that had dominated the LCK in a spectacular way and during the first phases we had seen a fairly good level by Gumayusi, Zeus and company.

But in the final, throughout the five games, The most legendary and prestigious club in China knew how to perfectly control its rivals , counteracting plays with outplys worthy of the best players in the world. But what has made a huge difference, especially in the last map, have been the gankeos and collapses so good that they have in the central lane against the demon king Faker.

RNG vs T1 - Game 4 | Grand Finals LoL MSI 2022 | T1 vs Royal Never Give Up G4 full game

A stomp almost perfect in the central lane

As can be seen in the video, the main strategy of RNG to be able to take the game has been Pampear to Faker in the central lane . With some sidelanes that are dominant and self-sufficient in the early game, Wei has stayed around the midlane to be able to end the life of the Korean every time they could. And it is that the key so that the gankeos to the demon king were effective was to make the most of the time that Faker was without the invoker spell “clean” , to abuse the line and take out a huge advantage soon.

As can be seen throughout the game, The midlaner of T1 already had two deaths in just over five minutes and a clear dominance of the other two lanes by RNG. The picks and bans phase were not the best for the Korean club and was refelled inside the invoker crack, leaving very open champions open and with which they could collapse the enemy in the blink of an eye.