The list of the most played games in 2022 so far is available, and some may be surprised to see which games achieved the cut and, more specifically, what games did not. Some family titles led the list, including the games that were launched almost a decade or more, although the classifications markedly lacked games that were launched this year. However, the graph in the NDP only analyzed the classifications of the first quarter of 2022, so there are certainly reasons to believe that some of this year’s games could be in the top 10 in the future.

That list can be seen below through the executive director and advisor to NPD Group, Mat Piscatella. The information represented in the list of the 10 most played games this year comes from the panelists who listed the games that played during the last month every time this survey was conducted. The games on the list are not in the order in which one played more than the other and, instead, they are chronologically organized for their launch year, but that does even more to put into perspective how persistent they have managed to be some of these games.

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Some of the games on the list will not surprise you at all. Minecraft and grand Theft Auto V, for example, are the two best-selling games of all time, so it is difficult to imagine a quarter of any year in which these two leave the list of the 10 best games in terms of players. The same goes for the franchises established as Call of Duty, NBA 2K and Madden, who were the only representatives of 2021. However, perhaps a little more surprising was the fact that cruce of animals: new horizons remained in the top 10 Although he received his latest important update in 2021, although he still has seasonal festivities to entertain people. Inter us It was another somewhat surprising inclusion on the list, although that should show that some of these games that take advantage of the sudden episodes of fame end up persisting later to avoid being simply a flash in the pan.

One of the biggest surprises expressed by those who saw these statistics was that anillo de Elden did not break into the upper step of the most played games of 2022 so far. The game was sold exceptionally well, but as Piscella pointed out, he failed to overcome the 20th position in the general classification.