With the Alpha tests of multiversus already underway, many have had the opportunity to try this clone of Super Smash Bros. next to this, and as expected, data miners could not be contained. In this way, a series of clues have been found that reveal what would be the following characters to join the Warner Bros battlefield.

According to JPMB555, documents related to The voices of Gizmo de Gremlins and LeBron James have been found of real life in the source code of _multiversus. This would indicate that the classic 80s cinema character, and the famous basketball player would arrive at the free-to-play game in the future.

Although the idea of adding LeBron James to multiversus is not so crazy, especially considering that the player star attention. JPMB5555 has mentioned that the Gremlins character would not arrive alone, but would transform into one of the horrible creatures of the tape.

Recall that Gizmo never became a Gremlin during the 80s films. Considering that the iron giant appears in this game, thus ignoring one of the foundations of this character, it would not be crazy that several elements of gremlins could also be ignored to give new power to the adorable Gizmo.

Apparently Multiversus has cheater characters??
In related issues, here you can see the new advance of the game. Similarly, fans did not like the inclusion of the iron giant in multiversus.

Editor’s note:

Considering that Arya Stark is already within the game, it is no surprise to see LeBron James. However, if Gizmo becomes a Gremlin, this would be another of the characters that have not been respected by the creators of the game, and this could be a constant trend.