Could Electronic Arts Be Acquired? | Xhibition: An Xbox Podcast
Electronic Arts , according to a report on the Puck website, had numerous discussions about a merger with an external company or the takeover by an external company. The most realistic candidate seemed to be the American company NBC Universal , which belongs to the NBC group. According to the report, this would have been very good for future cooperation in particular due to the numerous sports rights in the NBC portfolio. In terms of licenses, we have reported extensively about FIFA and EA Sports in the past few weeks. Apparently the goal would have been to combine NBC Universal and EA into a media giant, at the top of which the current EA CEO Andrew Wilson should have been.

EA and the giants

But the deal did not come about due to differences in financial and structural terms. However, EA is said to have spoken to other tech and media giants such as Disney, Amazon or Apple .

Similar to NBC Universal, according to Puck, Disney would have shown an interesting opportunity for EA if you think of the sports division ESPN . The last offer of discussion on the part of EA compared to Disney is said to have been in the March 2022 , but in the end there was no conversation. A possible merger between Electronic Arts and NBC Universal should continue to be the goal of the NBC universal boss Brian Roberts.

sales, merger or no deal at all?

If Electronic Arts are sold or merge with another company, it would be another “mega deal” in the currently constantly changing video game industry. The acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft at the beginning of the year should certainly be the most impressive example.

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