As aurela comes to an end with the end of the first season, a producer remembered the season and spoke about the controversial sex scene. Of course, the spoilers of this program will follow, but in episode 8, the master chief lost his virginity with a spy of the pact while Cortana looked. To say the least, it caused quite an outrage on social networks. He aurela the series has been fighting a battle uphill since it began due to preconceived ideas of what is halo thanks to games and books, and the program seemed to want to offer something different. The first bold movement that the program made was that Master Chief took off the helmet in episode 1 and revealed his face. Although Master Chief removes the helmet in the games and books, the audience never sees his face. Elections like this caused a disconnection among fans throughout the season, but the sex scene was definitely the greatest controversy.

Master Chief Lays Pipe in the Halo Show

Talking to the employee deadline of 343 Industries and Aurela the executive producer Kiki Wolfkill commented that the sex scene between Chief and Makee was not an easy discussion and that he has left many in conflict. The team was from one side to another about it, and finally noticed that it was an important way to give Chief a human connection with Makee.

“There was a lot of conversation about whether or not doing that and it was difficult,” said Wolfkill. «I mean, I will say that there are many different opinions and voices. I will say that from my perspective, that the audience understood what it means for him to establish a kind of human connection with someone, with Makee, it was important ». There are many different opinions about how to do that and, ultimately, we end up in that path and I think that many of us feel in conflict about it and that is not a bad thing ».

Wolfkill also recognized the controversy, but declared that he hopes everyone can “overcome that” and look towards the future of the master boss.

“My hope is that we can all overcome that and see where we end with Chief and John in the second season,” said Wolfkill. “I firmly believe that we have an incredible story to have him and we will continue to do so, and sometimes, as we know with Silver Timeline, it will be different from what we have seen before. It’s like a character as much as Master Chief and John is completely the same.

Aureola has already received green light for a second season, but it is not known when production or launch will begin. Given the reception of the series, it would not be surprising if the team takes time to reassess and see how some of the criticisms of history can apply.

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