[Time Content Park Ye -jin reporter] Smilegate announced on the 16th that Virtual Artist Han Yu -ah was selected as an eyewear brand ‘Lapis Sensibule’ model.

Last year, Smilegate and Real Time Content Solution Group Giant Step are artificial intelligence (AI) -burny virtual artists and are a model with singers.

Hanyu Knowing signed an exclusive contract with YG K Plus in February and released her first music ‘I Like That’ in April. She was also selected as a model of Guangdong Pharmaceutical ‘Corn Corn Tea’, and she joined the top model Lee Seung -chan in the 2022 Spring and Summer (S / S) advertisement of Lapis Sensy Bless.

In particular, she was selected as the Lapis Sensy Blee’s eco -friendly project ‘Ecli Project’ model, and she participated in efforts for the global environment and communicated with the public with interest in various social problems. Plan.

An official of Smilegate said, “We will build a bond with the MZ generation, which considers the value consumption of the era of environment based on her love for the earth of Hanyu.”

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Meanwhile, Lapis SensyBle’s Ecclespic Project is a 100% natural biodegradable product using bioplastic bioplastics.