The Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition is celebrating their second birthday this autumn, despite this, the developers are not tired of continuing to supply the game with updates. So a co-op mode was recently introduced. The makers are currently working on a new DLC that should be released this month.

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - Knights of the Mediterranean Teaser

new expansion makes Age of Empires 3 more entry -friendly

The new expansion Knight of the Mediterranean wants to make it easier to get started with the RTS. To do this, you introduce a “Economic” mode , which is more of a casual player. This mode is primarily about gaining a strong economy instead of focusing on warlike arguments. The second new mode is called “Diplomacy” and enables players to change during a round team and thus create alliances. Further innovations are the introduction of additional “historical cards”. These are randomly generated cards that are thematically based on the Napoleonic wars.

As the name suggests, two Mediterranean nations also find their way into play. So Italy and Malta will be playable as new civilizations. Both will have new units and buildings.

When does knight of the Mediterranean appear?

Knight of the Mediterranean appears on 26. May for the Age of Empires 3: Definitve Edition and thus joined a long row of DLCs that have already been published. According to Steam, the price should be 9.99 euros.

all innovations of the Mediterranean Ritter at a glance

These are the innovations that you get with knights of the Mediterranean:

  • 2 new civilizations (Italy and Malta)
  • 30 randomly generated cards
  • 9 European royal houses
  • Diplomatie game mode

  • Economic game mode
  • Numerous new achievements

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