The fact that this season is not new weapons, does not mean that our existing weapon will not receive a new magnificent appearance. The combat pass for the season 13: Savior really contains one of the best cosmetics that we saw for combat passage. This is definitely true for Legend skins, and some weapons skins are also quite impressive, many of them have a dragon flash. Let’s take a look.

Best Season 13: Skins of the weapons of combat pass “Savior”

The recommended weapon, which received a set of rocket skins for the combat pass of season 13, is Spitfire, which has just joined the ground production after several seasons were in the Care Package package. Nevertheless, for us an outstanding skin is the skin of Car SMG. This season, he looks great with the skin of the crazy Maggie, and also looks great with the legendary military pass of the 3rd season of Lifeline for everyone who grabbed it in due time.

molten shower (the legendary Spitfire skin)

*ALL* Season 13 Saviors Battle Pass skins ! × Apex Legends × Apex Legends

Winter Soul (legendary Skin Spitfire)

WYRMBORN (legendary skin Car)

The Dragon’s Clautch (Skin Epic Rampage)

Virtual Hero (rare skin of an alternating current generator)

Rare Throwback

H Penettle Fighting (a rare skin of a partner)

Retro Ball (Rare Skin Volta)

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