Cookies with whipped cream are the first supere epic cookies of CRK, a rarity that is given to characters with unique abilities and power level, exceeding the epic, but slightly inferior to the legendary. Whipped cream is a magic cookie that prefers to stay in the center of the battlefield. It succeeds like DPS in long battles or fast teams – and it is also not inferior in the aesthetic department!

Clotted Cream Cookie is 100% FREE! (F2P Guide) | Cookie Run Kingdom

While cookies with whipped cream can be pulled out of ordinary bachies with the help of crystals or cookies for cookies, you can get it for free and according to the rank. Until June 14, 2022 Participating in per republic! event.

Cookie Run: Kingdom for the Republic! Events guide

Go to the event menu and select for the republic! In the left corner. Your goal is to fulfill daily and event missions to collect consul emblems which can be used to get Gacha Consul’s Brilliance.

Pay attention to daily missions mark over some tasks, as well as a timer at the bottom of the page showing when daily missions will be dropped. Since you can get only a limited amount of the consul emblem in the missions that last events, it is strongly recommended that you complete daily tasks when it is possible to maximize the farm.

Keep in mind that the progress of your daily missions will restart whenever they are updated. Meanwhile, your progress in missions, long in the event, applies to all similar tasks. For example, participation in the Battle of Guilds is counted to fulfill “to play in the Battle of Guild 15 times”, “Play the Battle of Guilds 30 times” and other similar missions.

How to use Brilliance Gacha Consul

Click on Meet the Consul in the upper right corner of the event screen to get access to the gache to increase the rating of cookies with cream. It can be drawn at a speed of 0.421 percent (versus 0.060 percent on a conventional gache). Each jerk costs 100 emblem of the consul .

This gacha with an increase in speed differs from the jacket of ancient cookies CRK, since cookies with whipped cream are the only character you can pull. Other awards include the emblems of houses, crystals, rainbow cubes, fillings and resources.

The pity system is slightly complicated – you need to pull for every1. Nine unique emblems of houses to get guaranteed cookies with whipped cream. The coat of arms of the house you receive is absolutely random, but you are guaranteed to get it every 20 draws.

Check out our assembly guidelines for the best cookies for cookies with whipped cream in cookie run: Kingdom to collect the first supereepic cookies CRK.