Viajes Pokémon has given Ash Ketchum a new important promotion with his last victory in the most recent episode of the series. The latest version of the anime has avoided the traditional Gym Challenge this time in favor of seeing Ash to face a world tournament full of some of the toughest coaches to which he has faced so far. He has been making his way to the top of the Ultra class classification, and now he had his first and only opportunity to enter the final tournament with the eight best coaches in the master class of the world coronation series.

After fighting until reaching the ninth best coach in the World Coronation Series, Ash had the opportunity to enter the Teacher Tournament when confronting Raihan, who was the eighth classified coach. He had his own desire to make his way in the tournament, and although it was a battle as fierce with the most recent episode of the series, Ash ended up demonstrating his temper and officially defeated Raihan to make his way to the Eight Masters as anime. He prepares for his last culminating tournament in general.

Episode 109 of viajes Pokémon is entitled «¡vs. Raihan! A battle with Eight Masters on the line! ” And as the title suggests, both Ash and Raihan were doing everything possible to reach the final tournament. The two are considered rivals of the unbeatable León champion, and therefore none was willing to give in. He started hard for Ash when Raihan’s Flygon was able to defeat Dragonite with a good Sandstorm job, but Ash was able to compensate for the difference with his gigantamax Gengar and soon left them with a single Pokémon each.

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With Raihan using a Gigantamax Duraludon, Ash and Lucario were the only ones who could face it. But thanks to his recent Aura training with Greninja in the previous episode, Lucario was able to eliminate his opponent Gigantamax with an aura sphere larger than ever. It was doubly impressive considering that Lucario was still in his basic form, and without resentments between Ash and Raihan at the end of his fierce battle, Ash now faces the most difficult challenges of him against some other notable champions.

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