You think to live in the world of Pokémon would be great? Would you only make friends with cute creatures and play exciting fights? A realistic fan video shows how scary the monsters would be in reality.

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Every fan has had the desire to go on their own Pokémon adventure. But have you ever wondered, How creepy some monsters would be in reality?

Your everyday life would probably not only consist of cuddling your Evoli. At the latest when you go into the nearest cave on an exploration tour, it will be dangerous.

A fan illustrates with his animation of a wild onix, Why you can be happy that Pokémon doesn’t really exist. The clip could just as well come from a Pokémon horror film:

In a dark cave you discover an onix that attacks you directly. This creepy scenario is rewarded by the fans on Reddit with over 53,000 upvotes . In the comments, many even want a real Pokémon horror film in the look.

Artist Therevivalprodes does not have an entire film in the repertoire, but a few other realistic Pokémon animations that let your hair stand up to mountains.

Tiktok loves the creepy clips

The 3D artist has been active on his Tikok account for a few months-and reaches an even larger audience there.

In addition to the onix video shown, which has now been seen over 5.3 million times and liked over 825,000 times, you will find more clips for realistic Pokémon.

In particular, the spirits of the first generation seem to have done it. In the following video, you are looking for a gengar home while you are buying Poké Balls:

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And here you can make a particularly creepy alpollo at all:

If you now feel like more Pokémon videos of this kind, you can visit Revival on your Tikok profile. There he regularly uploads his creations.

_The world of the Pokémon is not only full of dangers, but also full of mysteries. A couple of the biggest puzzles of the monsters and the games can be found in the following image series: _