Gaming Gear Brand Steel Series (CEO: Eti Sham Lavani) announced that it will launch the ‘Steel Series Day’ promotion, which offers abundant discounts for the month of family month. Starting with this promotion, the Steel Series will designate various promotions for consumers by designating the 5th of every month as ‘Steel Series Day’.

The promotion, which is held through the Steel Series Naver Store, will be held for four days from May 5 to 8. It is designed to express its gratitude for the family month, and it will be held every month to meet the popular products of the Steel Series with various discounts.

In the first May Steel Series Day, you can see major items such as gaming keyboards, gaming headsets, and mouse pads at up to 55%discount. Promotional products include 2 kinds of gaming keyboards ▲ APEX7 full keyboards ▲ APEX7 TKL, 2 kinds of perforated gaming mice provided with hot dealers ▲ Aerox3 WL (wireless) ▲ Aerox3 Wired ▲ QCK Small/Medium/Large.

Lee Hye -kyung, president of the Steel Series Korea, said, “We have prepared various discount events to present the best -selling products of the Steel Series to the loved ones for the coming family month.” I will be able to meet the steel series products. ”

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Meanwhile, more details of the steel series brand ‘Steel Series Day’ can be found through the official Mall of the Steel Series.