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Maximilian Wöber prolongs agreement with Red Bull Salzburg

He has in Salzburg has actually created significantly as a gamer and also as a character in the past three years. We are all the better that we have now been able to prolong it prematurely with him, “says sports director Christoph Freund.

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Maximilian Wöber signs a brand-new working paper for the red bulls, which runs until June 30, 2025.

“I was already abroad with some large clubs as well as consequently knows all the far better what I have right here at FC Red Bull Salzburg. I have established a great standing and also can play football effectively under exceptional problems at an extremely high level of sporting activity. Very, and I also take pleasure in that, “stated Wöber concerning the new agreement.

Servus in Salzburg, Max Wöber!

After reports to emigrate, Maximilian Wöber is dedicated to Red Bull Salzburg as well as remarkably expands his agreement with the Austrian series master.

After the stations Fast, Ajax Amsterdam and FC Sevilla, Wöber involved Salzburg in August 2019. With the Salzburgers, the main defender has until now been on 104 video games (seven objectives, 3 aids).

Recreate the E3 now with Devolverland Exo

The last Devolver Digital Direct occurred yesterday, as well as numerous games existed. Among them is offered currently, and also he takes the designer’s meta-vibe at a whole brand-new level. What if you could go to the E3, yet was it still canceled?

The last Devolver Digital Direct took place yesterday, and lots of games were offered. Devolverland Expo is a free variation available on Steam at the minute that takes you with the macabre leftovers of a video game seminar. The short experience includes photos of all the upcoming titles of Devolver, as well as an opportunity to deal with particular monstrosities of the seminar.

Devolverland Exposition is a free version available on Heavy steam presently that takes you through the macabre leftovers of a game seminar. Undoubtedly, the stands of all the most up to date digital devolver games are still working. The seminar facility is additionally loaded with tools and also harmful AI. As I claimed, it is an ideal entertainment of the E3.

Additionally look

This extremely innovative marketing simulator is truthfully, a smart method to attract the interest of potential customers to the new items of the programmer. A lot more firms ought to follow fit. Players are a horribly seasoned team and are consequently for life vulnerable to a terrible blinking paradox. I can see this advertising and marketing gadget at a range mile. And also I will absolutely download it. The brief experience consists of photos of all the upcoming titles of Devolver, along with a chance to eliminate particular monstrosities of the meeting. You can download Devolverland Expo to Steam currently. The trailer is integrated below!

LOL – MSI 2022: RNGs infallible tactics to counteract Faker who left T1 without options

The MSI of 2022 has just concluded with a winner totally deserved: Royal Never Give Up . The Chinese club has been by far the best team of the entire International Spring Tournament and many have surrendered at the foot of Gala and company . They have managed to stop the feet of a t1 that had dominated the LCK in a spectacular way and during the first phases we had seen a fairly good level by Gumayusi, Zeus and company.

But in the final, throughout the five games, The most legendary and prestigious club in China knew how to perfectly control its rivals , counteracting plays with outplys worthy of the best players in the world. But what has made a huge difference, especially in the last map, have been the gankeos and collapses so good that they have in the central lane against the demon king Faker.

RNG vs T1 - Game 4 | Grand Finals LoL MSI 2022 | T1 vs Royal Never Give Up G4 full game

A stomp almost perfect in the central lane

As can be seen in the video, the main strategy of RNG to be able to take the game has been Pampear to Faker in the central lane . With some sidelanes that are dominant and self-sufficient in the early game, Wei has stayed around the midlane to be able to end the life of the Korean every time they could. And it is that the key so that the gankeos to the demon king were effective was to make the most of the time that Faker was without the invoker spell “clean” , to abuse the line and take out a huge advantage soon.

As can be seen throughout the game, The midlaner of T1 already had two deaths in just over five minutes and a clear dominance of the other two lanes by RNG. The picks and bans phase were not the best for the Korean club and was refelled inside the invoker crack, leaving very open champions open and with which they could collapse the enemy in the blink of an eye.

Sniper Elite 5 Ideal skills that have actually to be opened

Below you will certainly locate the finest skills in Sniper Elite 5 that need to help you to complete and make precise shots in close battle.

Sniper Elite 5 finest skills.

Sniper Elite 5 improves its traditional sniper gameplay by adding some new gameplay degrees to the experience. As well as among these locations that have actually experienced some love are the ability trees that are offered in the main campaign. And also if you take a glance at it, you will probably not have the ability to learn what the very best skills in Sniper Elite 5 are.

The ring-shaped system of the ability trees suggests that you have to focus your point version in order to open some of the extra important skills There are still a couple of easy-to-unlockable skills that can be bought remarkably early, which should give you a benefit if you deal with either adversaries or an axis sniper invasion.

There are a number of skills in the game, but we have 7 choices for the best skills in Sniper Elite 5 . They are:

Back in the battle.

Likewise, focus motion is one of the best skills in Sniper Elite 5 due to the fact that you can move much faster with this capability if you use focus.

This and also the last health and wellness upgrade should give you enough health and wellness to make it through a number of the fights that you can lose if you only have your beginning wellness.

Originally, the motion is really slow-moving when utilizing the focus, so this aficionado is a wonderful benefit if you move through the project.

This can keep you to life for longer as well as avoid you from passing away as well as reactivating on the last checkpoint.

Health Boost 1 is a relatively self-explanatory capability. There is a wellness boost. You will get another sector of your health and wellness beam of light.

However, the capacity to revitalize on your own when you are depressed is invaluable as well as will certainly avoid it from rebooting the mission from the last checkpoint. It should be the first to purchase.

This covers the very best skills of Sniper Elite 5, which you can unlock as soon as feasible throughout play. Further aid for the video game can be found in our summary of the Sniper Elite 5 mission listing and how Sniper Elite 5-cross play operates in the video game.

10 Things Sniper Elite 5 Doesn't Tell You
| Back in the battle
| Wellness boost 1

| Wellness increase 2
Calm hand .
| focus area
| emphasis movement .
Quick healing **.

Sniper Elite 5 builds on its traditional sniper gameplay by including some brand-new gameplay degrees to the experience. And one of these locations that have actually experienced some love are the skill trees that are readily available in the primary project. And also if you take a quick look at it, you will most likely not be able to locate out what the best skills in Sniper Elite 5 are.

Focus is one of one of the most helpful skills in close fight. It allows you to see adversaries with wall surfaces.

If you sniff from a point of view, you can likewise remain far better if an adversary sniper can hit you from a range.

Gesundheb 2.

Tranquil hand.

Similar to Wellness Increase 1, this is just one of the most effective skills in Sniper Elite 5, as you will certainly obtain another health and wellness section for your bar.

A lot more wellness is never ever a bad thing. So if you can, concentrate on opening this immediately.

emphasis movement.

Wellness Increase 1 is a relatively self-explanatory ability. There is a health increase.

Quick recovery.

Since it lowers the trembling of the rifle extent if they endure damage, constant hand is one more wonderful capability. This suggests that they can be associated with open fights and have it less complicated to smell.

And also this skill raises the variety to ensure that you can see adversaries from a better distance, which is valuable at stealth kills up close and can protect them from an opponent.

Gesundheb 1.

An additional of the most effective skills in the video game is Rapid Healing. This capability guarantees that your wellness regeneration starts earlier.

Back in The Fight is one of the earliest skills you can obtain and also you have to buy them to get everything else in the battle capacity.

emphasis area.

Sniper TPS “Sniper Elite 5” PC version is not distributed at the Epic Games store and is confused. Innocent postponement due to “circumstances”

It seems that the PC version of the TPS “ Sniper Elite 5 ” released by developer Rebellion on May 26 has not been released on the Epic Games store, which should have been planned, and seems to be puzzled by fans. 。 It is said that refunds have been implemented for reservations.

This work is the latest work of the TPS “Sniper Elite” series, which depicts the success of the sniper. Set in France during World War II, the protagonist, Karl Fairburn, fights to prevent the Nazi confidential strategy.

“Sniper Elite 5” is released for PC and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The PC version is distributed on Steam/Microsoft Store. However, as you can see in the image above, it was originally scheduled to be distributed at the Epic Games store. Although there is a page of this work in the store, it will not be released even on the release date. It is said that the reservation purchaser has been postponed to the distribution date undecided, and has been sent to refund (Reddit).

Regarding the postponement of the distribution at the Epic Games store, the development and seller Rebellion has not been particularly disclosed. Meanwhile, on May 27, a statement was issued through overseas media VGC. According to the report, the situation in which the studio was out of control could not be released at the Epic Games store due to the Circumstance Beyond Our Control. The specific reason was not revealed. He also states that he will release this work in the store in the future, but he did not mention specific times.

Looking back at the movement of this work, the trailer released on May 4 had the logo of the Epic Games store, but it has disappeared after the release of May 19. The same is true for the platform notation in the press release that guides those trailers. However, there was no explanation of the reason.

Apparently, some “circumstances” occurred from early May to mid-May. The work itself has been completed, including the PC version. The fact that it cannot be distributed only in the Epic Games store may have emerged just before the launch, a technical problem on the store side or Epic Games. In any case, the truth is unknown.

“Sniper Elite 5” was released as planned except for the Epic Games store. This work features new actions, expanding weapons customization elements, and visuals that utilize photo glametry technology. In addition, the X-ray kill camera, which is synonymous with the series, has realized more realistic and cruel depictions than ever.

The evaluation of this work is that the PC version of meta score at MetACRITIC on the review accumulation site is quite high at 82. According to each Media Review, although the innovation was modest, the stiffness that added the above-mentioned elements in the previous work “Sniper Elite 4” and the high degree of freedom in mission capture seemed to be popular.

On the other hand, if you look at the user review at Steam, it is a “pros and cons,” which is now popular at 69%. It seems that the evaluation has been reduced due to the large number of bugs and the uniform specifications related to weapons. However, the number of simultaneous connection players in the Steam version exceeded 12,000 at the peak (SteamDB). It has obtained a certain number of user base.

“Sniper Elite 5” is on sale for PC (Steam/Microsoft Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It is also provided for Xbox/PC Game Pass. In this work, a Japanese package version for PS4/PS5 will be released on June 16th.

Deck construction RPG “Triple Fantasy” Steam version announced. Dot picture characters are dynamic with three simple decks

NEOWIZ announced “ Triple Fantasy ” on May 25 to PC (Steam). The release time is in the first half of 2022. According to the Steam store page, the game seems to support Japanese display. This work is originally distributed for iOS/Android, and the PC version is developed.

“Triple Fantasy” is a strategic RPG that collects cards and fights. The player has three heroes cards on the deck. With the attacks of heroes, standing destroys various enemies. Players build the best decks in line with their strategies, and double the damage by combining three cards.

Best Deck Building Games [Explore Beyond Gwent & Hearthstone]

The characters in this work are expressed in dot paintings. The cute two-headed hero moves on the screen. That said, each character has a powerful status. The hero of this work has a rare degree of rare, rare and hero. However, the practicality in battle depends on the strategy of the player rather than the rarity. Try the combination of various cards and create synergy.

Legendary characters, such as Son Goku, Thor, Odin, and the hero of the Three Kingdoms, are added as cards. More than 300 heroes are recorded. Each card has the attributes of fire, water and wood. In addition, types (classes) such as warriors and bandits are also set. Combining cards while considering these characteristics is one of the important strategies. The heroes can be added to the deck by discovering hidden in the map. In this work, you can also enjoy playing with PVP.

The “Triple Fantasy” iOS version has a solid evaluation of 4.5 stars at the App Store, and the Android version is 4.1 on Google Play. As a game, it seems that the deep strategic but deep strategy of how to make a role with three cards is highly evaluated. The Steam version of “Triple Fantasy” is also a point to be noted how the battle scene is exciting, as the store page also supports online PvP.

The “Triple Fantasy” Steam version will be distributed in the first half of 2022. The iOS/Android version is being distributed for free at each store.

The list of the 10 most played games of 2022 includes some surprises

The list of the most played games in 2022 so far is available, and some may be surprised to see which games achieved the cut and, more specifically, what games did not. Some family titles led the list, including the games that were launched almost a decade or more, although the classifications markedly lacked games that were launched this year. However, the graph in the NDP only analyzed the classifications of the first quarter of 2022, so there are certainly reasons to believe that some of this year’s games could be in the top 10 in the future.

That list can be seen below through the executive director and advisor to NPD Group, Mat Piscatella. The information represented in the list of the 10 most played games this year comes from the panelists who listed the games that played during the last month every time this survey was conducted. The games on the list are not in the order in which one played more than the other and, instead, they are chronologically organized for their launch year, but that does even more to put into perspective how persistent they have managed to be some of these games.

top 15 most popular games 2020 - 2022 || most played game 2022 || popular games of 2022
Some of the games on the list will not surprise you at all. Minecraft and grand Theft Auto V, for example, are the two best-selling games of all time, so it is difficult to imagine a quarter of any year in which these two leave the list of the 10 best games in terms of players. The same goes for the franchises established as Call of Duty, NBA 2K and Madden, who were the only representatives of 2021. However, perhaps a little more surprising was the fact that cruce of animals: new horizons remained in the top 10 Although he received his latest important update in 2021, although he still has seasonal festivities to entertain people. Inter us It was another somewhat surprising inclusion on the list, although that should show that some of these games that take advantage of the sudden episodes of fame end up persisting later to avoid being simply a flash in the pan.

One of the biggest surprises expressed by those who saw these statistics was that anillo de Elden did not break into the upper step of the most played games of 2022 so far. The game was sold exceptionally well, but as Piscella pointed out, he failed to overcome the 20th position in the general classification.

Two new characters are filtered for Multiversus

With the Alpha tests of multiversus already underway, many have had the opportunity to try this clone of Super Smash Bros. next to this, and as expected, data miners could not be contained. In this way, a series of clues have been found that reveal what would be the following characters to join the Warner Bros battlefield.

According to JPMB555, documents related to The voices of Gizmo de Gremlins and LeBron James have been found of real life in the source code of _multiversus. This would indicate that the classic 80s cinema character, and the famous basketball player would arrive at the free-to-play game in the future.

Although the idea of adding LeBron James to multiversus is not so crazy, especially considering that the player star attention. JPMB5555 has mentioned that the Gremlins character would not arrive alone, but would transform into one of the horrible creatures of the tape.

Recall that Gizmo never became a Gremlin during the 80s films. Considering that the iron giant appears in this game, thus ignoring one of the foundations of this character, it would not be crazy that several elements of gremlins could also be ignored to give new power to the adorable Gizmo.

Apparently Multiversus has cheater characters??
In related issues, here you can see the new advance of the game. Similarly, fans did not like the inclusion of the iron giant in multiversus.

Editor’s note:

Considering that Arya Stark is already within the game, it is no surprise to see LeBron James. However, if Gizmo becomes a Gremlin, this would be another of the characters that have not been respected by the creators of the game, and this could be a constant trend.

Efootball 2022 will be offline for 4 days to prepare seXbox Serieson 2

SeXbox Serieson 2 of Efootball 2022 will start on June 16, Xbox Series Konami announced in an official statement. The Japanese company hXbox Series also revealed that introducing this new content will imply the realization of a maintenance that will lXbox Seriest four days . During that period, users will not be able to enjoy online modes, since servers will remain closed.

“The maintenance period will take place between May 30 and June 2 ,” Konami published. “During the Mantemiento phXbox Seriese the test matches with some leagues and clubs will remain playable, with two options added to the trial matches: the level of beginner difficulty and the 10 -minute game time.”

The Japanese have pointed out that when the maintenance ends and seXbox Serieson 2 seXbox Serieson to roll will be accompanied by several ingame events . They have not revealed, yes, what will consist of, although they Xbox Seriesk users who are attentive to social networks and the official website of the video game. “We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the long maintenance period and we thank you for your patience.”

What do we know about seXbox Serieson 2?

Xbox Series S | eFootball 2022 (1.0) | Graphics test
Version 1.1.0 of the game will introduce improvements in decision making on victories and losses in online matches. The servers will also reinforce and prepare for future initiatives, such Xbox Series the exchange of data between console and mobile.

Although Efootbal 2022 premiered Xbox Series free-to-play with endless problems, Konami finally launched version 1.0, that brings the game experience to which all fans of this football simulator expected. Anyway, there is still a lot of improvement margin. It is available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, while from June 2 you can also download for free on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Thus they have captured in 3D a l os players of FC Barcelona.

Electronic Arts: Numerous conversations about fusion or buying

Could Electronic Arts Be Acquired? | Xhibition: An Xbox Podcast
Electronic Arts , according to a report on the Puck website, had numerous discussions about a merger with an external company or the takeover by an external company. The most realistic candidate seemed to be the American company NBC Universal , which belongs to the NBC group. According to the report, this would have been very good for future cooperation in particular due to the numerous sports rights in the NBC portfolio. In terms of licenses, we have reported extensively about FIFA and EA Sports in the past few weeks. Apparently the goal would have been to combine NBC Universal and EA into a media giant, at the top of which the current EA CEO Andrew Wilson should have been.

EA and the giants

But the deal did not come about due to differences in financial and structural terms. However, EA is said to have spoken to other tech and media giants such as Disney, Amazon or Apple .

Similar to NBC Universal, according to Puck, Disney would have shown an interesting opportunity for EA if you think of the sports division ESPN . The last offer of discussion on the part of EA compared to Disney is said to have been in the March 2022 , but in the end there was no conversation. A possible merger between Electronic Arts and NBC Universal should continue to be the goal of the NBC universal boss Brian Roberts.

sales, merger or no deal at all?

If Electronic Arts are sold or merge with another company, it would be another “mega deal” in the currently constantly changing video game industry. The acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft at the beginning of the year should certainly be the most impressive example.

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