Noticed in 2017 with Rise & Shine, who had turned out to be much prettier than playable, Super Mega Team will return this year if all is well with The Knight Witch, a charming metroidvania adopted by Team17 which will release the game on all platforms.

In the pot of The Knight Witch , its authors poured a broth of Shoot’em up on a marrow bone with a taste of metroidvania by raising everything with deck-building spices. To help the inhabitants of the Underground Metropolis of Dungeonidas, we will freely direct a beloved witch named Rayne. This has more than 30 cards to mix in a witchcraft deck-building system, not to mention its chivalress skills to improve.

This duality between the knight side and the witch face is an important facet of the character’s development, which will also be at the center of a moral dilemma: drawing her powers from the confidence and gratitude of citizens, Rayne can lie to people to win In power shamefully or being honest by sharing them with certain difficult truths.

While Rise & Shine had been criticized in particular for its poorly dosed difficulty, The Knight Witch presents itself as an accessible and modular “Metroidvania” with an automatic intuitive aiming system, cheats that change the world And a navigation system focused on the main story. Players never get lost and can adapt the game to their level “, can be read.


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The Knight Witch – Trailer