Level Infinite announced on the 28th that it has updated various contents, including the rioting masterpiece, in the new concept strategic chat, which is developed and serviced by Tourdogstudio.

This update has a rich event, including a riot game, a tactical training center for Byeongdongdae, a festival gathering, and a time of creation.

First of all, the riots, which will be held until May 11th, are combat content that controls rocks and destroys racing cars.

These Barbers Have Crazy Skills. God Level Barbers
In the same period, the “Byeoldong University Tactical Training Center” will be opened to select difficulty, general, and difficulty, and if you complete your mission, you can get Lumamber and Aurorian development materials.

In addition, if you consume 100 prisms every day by May 5th, you can receive Lumamber and Random Aurorian Promotion Materials.

At the same time, attendance events will be held, and every time you achieve a cumulative date, you will receive a variety of items such as Nightium, charging boxes, dedicated furniture, and anonymous gift pockets.

In addition, from May 1 to June 1, the attendance was prepared to provide the benefits of providing Lumamber and various aurorian fostering materials.

In addition, two types of costumes, including the popular six -star Aurorian ‘Gronu’ and ‘Dreams in the Mirror’ of Victoria, will be reprinted.