From now on, you can get the style Moon Knight from the Item shop in Epics Battle Royale. That’s already the important information. If you are not interested in more, then turns off. Oh, wait, moment: If the style of Moon Knight is too exciting and adventurous, then you can choose the somewhat sneeable version Mr. Knight.

For this purpose, the back-accessory “Moon Knights Cape” is included in the outfit of Moon Knight and you can shop on top of topics in the Fortnite Shop the pickaxe half military seals. Speaking back accessory: You can also earn one at the lantern exams **! So, but now you can go… or you remain and learn why we find that Moon Knight should give a chance.

Moon Knight: The hero without hero. Or? Hmmmm…

Why Moon Knight is so interesting, we explain to you in our special for series Moon Knight, which is started in March at Disney Plus . Moon Knight, who originally acted as a Marvel’s answer to Batman, hears the only one the voice of the Egyptian deity Khonshu, who drives him to his deeds.

And that’s the exciting to Moon Knight: We never know exactly if he only forms the voices or really sounds, and reactive a lot of alternative identities – which also stresses the former mercenary Marc Spector. It’s never clear what reality and what is not. Moon Knight is really an extraordinary (great?) Hero you, when it goes after us (and we get nothing!), Gladly to give a stage in Fortnite (Buy Now)!

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