Fallout 76 Routinely receives different events during weekends to keep players busy, but soon, we are about to see an event running for two weeks instead of just a couple of days. Bethesda announced this week in the last publication of Inside The Vault plans to start the next MEAT WEEK event, best known as Meat Weeks, in this case, on April 26. It will be extended up to two weeks later, when it will end on May 10 and players can win additional legendary vouchers and other rewards meanwhile.

The duration of two weeks of this event was planned from the beginning with the calendar of event events that listed it from April until May since that calendar was revealed months ago, so this is not a case that the Meat Week event It extends to considering unrelated delays or something like that. For those who have not participated in this event before, it revolves around a supermutant named grahm and the desire of him by Prime Meat. Throughout these two weeks of the Meat Week event, Primal Cuts can be obtained every 15 minutes from murdered beasts in certain places. Return that meat to GRAHM and you will get some oddities while this event lasts.

ALL Outfit Rewards From The Meat Week Event! | Fallout 76
«Every hour, at the top of the hour, GRAHM and Chally will appear just south of Dome 76 in the forest to start Grahm’s Meat-Cook,” Bethesda said about this Meat Week event. “Throughout the event, they will need some friendly hands to organize a successful party. Work along with other guests at the party to rotate meat grills, play some melodies on the battery, clean the chally waste and turn off any fire that sprout, among other activities. The more successful the MEAT-COOK has, the greater your chances of winning rare rewards! You as payment for your efforts ».

https://mobile.twitter.com/bethesdudios/status/1517160430443151660MIENTRES Wait for this event, you can participate in the caps-a-plenty event that is being carried out now. During the event of the Meat Week, a week of additional challenges will also be carried out, the gold fever and weekends of double mutations.