NEW DIABLO 4 Huge Breakdown of the Open World & Dungeons |QUARTERLY UPDATE—MARCH 2022

According to the current developer update to the action role-playing game, Diablo 4 will give you a lot of opportunities, your inventory with gold and prey.

As Brian Fletcher explains the design team, they have found new ways to create more of random content. So you changed the ambient art so that it can be used several times. So to speak, a template that can be used for more than one dungeon.

“Dungeons are still random content, as you know and loves them from other Diablo games. But we have considered some new and exciting features with which we can fill the world of Sanctuario with more dungeons than ever before. “

“To pack more than 150 dungeons into the game world, we had to change our approach to environmental art so that it can be used for multiple places and not only for a dungeon. So we divide the design into so-called graphics templates. We would like to introduce you to some of these graphics templates here and show how we combine them with props, interactive objects and lighting. For example, varied dungeons that are handmade and randomly generated at the same time. To create a dungeon, many teams have to work for a long time, so we are proud to imagine our work today. “